Friday, May 22, 2015

Elliot Young
English 8-8
Study Hall
It is the time to
study, not to have fun.
School is boring and
it is not fun.
The teachers are mean,
they are not nice.
Sometimes other
times they are fun.
Sometimes they are not
fun at all.
The rules are getting broken.
The class is out of control.
It is really fun.
The rules are making it less
Summer is fun.
It is hot outside,
but it is not cold anymore.
You don’t have to wear winter coats,
but you can wear shorts.
You can go to the pool.
Winter is cold,
and the snow is falling.
The wind is blowing.
Winter is not time for shorts.
It is time to wear a heavy coat.
If you do, it will keep you warm.
The leaves are changing colors,
and the sun is shining.
The birds are chirping,
it’s starting to get warm outside.
It is time for shorts.
It is still warm outside.
It is still shorts weather.
The sun is brighter than ever.
Games are fun.
Games are hard.
Some games are easy.
Games are boring too.
Games are long.
Games are short.
Games animated.
Some games have a good storyline.
Some do not.
Football is fun.
Football is hard.
Football can be easy.
Football is awesome.
The pool is awesome.
We clog the slide.
I love to go to the pool.
It is really cool.
The water is cold.
The diving boards are fun.
You jump really high.
You jump really far.
It is a long ways up.
It is a long ways down.
We train the slide.
We go head first down the side.
Sometimes we listen to the the lifeguards.
We mostly have fun at the pool.
The pool is open from 12:30 to 7:30 at night.
You can do flips off the diving boards,
and it is really fun.
Soccer is fun if you play it.
If you don’t that’s okay.
If you watch it you will be b out of bored your mind.
I would rather play soccer than watch it because it is boring.
Veterans are special.
Veterans are trained to fight.
They are very good at what they do.
They protect us.
They fight our enemies.
They make us proud.

They are heros.

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