Friday, May 22, 2015

April PPOW

The Fish and the Turtle

Once there was a fish that got separated from his parents. He was a very vibrant, orange and white clown fish. He went days through the big ocean trying to find his parents. While he was swimming he found a sea turtle named Jasper. They started talking and Jasper said,
“Where are your parents?”
“I lost them in the sea.” said Squirt.
“Why would you go away from your parents?” asked Jasper.
“When I went to go touch the reef, I got lost,” cried Squirt.
“I can help you!” Exclaimed Jasper.
“Really?” Questioned Squirt.
“Of course,” announced Jasper.
“Well, let’s head over there first.”
They swam and swam for miles.
“Do you know where we are going?” asked Squirt.
“Nope,” replied Jasper.
“Then why are we going this way?” asked Squirt.
“We are going the way I think your parents might have went,” said Jasper.
“I don’t think they would have gone this way,” said Squirt with a worried look on his face.
“You never know,” said Jasper.
“This place looks scary,” Squirt said as he started swimming closer to Jasper.
“It’s not that bad,” said Jasper. “It actually seems kind of cool.”
They swam and looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Squirt’s parents.
“We are never going to find them.” said Squirt looking around.
“Don’t think like that,” said Jasper.
“What do you think happened to them,” asked Squirt as he started to cry.
“Trust me they are fine,” replied Jasper.
“You don’t know that,” said Squirt.
“You just got lost,” said Jasper. “Nothing happened to them.”
They looked all day and all night, but found nothing. The looked around the reefs and everywhere close to it.
“Maybe your parents are at home,” suggested Jasper.
“They might be,” started Squirt. “I guess we should go look there next.”
“I bet that’s where they are,” said Jasper.
So they swam across the reef all the way to Squirt’s home. They got to Squirt’s house and looked around, but nobody was there.
“Where could they be?” asked Squirt. “We have looked everywhere and still can’t find them.
“You can come and stay with me until we find them,” suggested Jasper.
“That would be great thanks Jasper!” said Squirt with a smile on his face.
They both went back to Jasper’s house to sleep. Squirt stayed with Jasper much longer than he thought he would. They looked for Squirt parents during the day, but they never could find

them. Squirt loved living with his best friend, but always wondered what happened to his parents. One day Squirt went by himself for a swim around the reef.
As he was swimming he saw a familiar fish swimming ahead of him.
“Wait up!” he called, but the fish swam faster.
“Slow down!” called Squirt again, but the fish did not slow down. The fish even started to swim faster than before. The fish finally swam out of view and Squirt stopped trying to catch it. Squirt swam straight home to tell Jasper what he saw. Squirt knew that the fish he saw was his mom.
“Why would she swim away when she saw me?” questioned Squirt.
“I’m sure there is a good reason for it,” said Jasper.
“Maybe they wanted me to get lost,” said Squirt.
Squirt looked around everyday to see if he could find his mom again. He looked everywhere he could think of, but still found nothing.
“Maybe you should just give up,” Jasper suggested.
“Give up on finding them?” asked Squirt.
“Yes, looking for them everyday is making you crazy.” Jasper said as he looked away.
“I think you're right,” started Squirt. “You're the only family that I need.”
Squirt and Jasper stayed best friends and Squirt continued to live with Jasper. Squirt was happy that he found a friend as great as Jasper, but he still wondered what became of his parents. He wondered why they would leave him behind. Squirt finally forgot about what happened to his parents and he and Jasper lived long, happy lives together.


  1. I really enjoyed your story. My favorite part of this PPOW was when Squirt met Jasper.

  2. I really liked your story. My favorite part was when Squirt and Jasper stayed best friends.

  3. I really liked this PPOW it was funny, and cute. It reminded me of Finding Nemo. The PPOW had a good story line.

  4. I really enjoyed your PPOW. I loved the ending when Squirt told Jasper that he was the only family he needed; I thought it was cute. I agree with Madison also, it definitely reminded me of Finding Nemo!


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