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Paul Walker Biography

              Paul Walker

Paul William Walker IV was born on September 12, 1973, in Glendale, California. Paul died on November 30, 2013, in a car accident. His parents names were Cheryl Walker and Paul Walker III. Paul had four siblings, two girls and two boys. There names are Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, Ashlie Walker, and Amie Walker.
He also had one child with his now separated girlfriend Rebecca. Their daughter’s name is, Meadow Rain Walker. Meadow would live with her mother in Hawaii, but would still visit her dad in California. Paul admitted to Meadow not being planned, but he would make her his number one priority. When Paul was getting older his mother filed for divorce against his father.
More information about his daughter Meadow, she is now 15 years old. Meadow was born on November 4, 1998. She still lives with her mom, Rebecca McBrain, in Hawaii. She is best known for being Paul’s daughter. She loved to encourage her father with his acting career. Paul would also tell people how great of a daughter Meadow is. Paul was 25 years old when he had Meadow. As she got older she moved to California to be closer to her dad. A little fact about Meadow and Paul they both were Justin Bieber fans.
His career started out when he was at a young age. Not only was he acting, he was also modeling. He starred in television shows such as Charles in Charge, Who’s the Boss and Highway to Heaven. Charles in Charge was about a college student that would move with a family to be housekeeper and a babysitter. Also Who’s the Boss was about a retired baseball player that would become a housekeeper. The last one Highway to Heaven is about an angel that was sent back to Earth to help people.
When Paul was a child he played sports, he also played them when he was in high school as well. Some sports he played would be football, basketball, and baseball. As he got older and graduated from high school, Paul then attended all sorts of California colleges. Later than Paul started to act a lot more.
In the year of 2001, Paul landed a lead role in the movie Fast and Furious starring the actor, Vin Diesel. Two years later, Paul created another Fast and Furious named Two Fast Two Furious. Later on he started to appear in more action movies such as Timeline in the year of 2003 which was about some students getting trapped in the past with their professor.
In the year of 2005, Paul acted in a movie called Into the Blue with his co-star Jessica Alba. Into the Blue was about a group of divers that became in trouble with a crashed airplane. There was Running Scared in the year of 2006 which was about a low ranking thug that was entrusted by his crime boss. He would dispose of a gun that killed corrupted cops, but things would get out of hand if the gun was in the wrong hands.  Paul would continue to act. Most of the movies would be some action movies and still continuing the Fast and Furious movie series.
In most recent news, Paul died in a car accident at the age of 40. The car accident was located in Santa Clarita, California. He was on his way to attend a charity. He was reported in the passenger seat of a Porsche, when his friend lost control of the wheel crashing into a tree. Both Paul and his friend were announced dead. When Paul died he was just finished and finishing a few movies. The names are Brick Mansions which was about an undercover cop that would navigate a neighborhood. He also starred in Furious Seven which was about Deckard Shaw who would seek revenge on Dominic Toretto for his brother who is in the hospital .  
The movie Brick Mansions released in the year of 2014 and Furious Seven was released just this year of 2015. While he was filming Furious Seven, his brother Cody Walker played towards the end of the movie for him. After starring in the Fast and Furious movie series, in March co-star Vin Diesel had a daughter. Vin Diesel then named his daughter Pauline, for his late friend Paul.
In the action movies that Paul had acted in; he mostly liked the fighting scenes because when he was a child Paul attended classes for Taekwondo. When Paul had some breaks from the fame life he would walk his dogs and go surfing with his daughter. When he was free from acting and all the work Paul loved to travel. He would travel to places like Fiji and Costa Rica.
Paul was a very great actor. Paul has worked his way up to the top at a young age. Paul was a very popular man. Co-star Vin Diesel at the MTV Movie Awards announced an award for best female performance, but when Vin walked on to  the stage to present the award, MTV played the song See you again written by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth. They also put this song at the end of the movie of Furious Seven. Vin Diesel even said “ Wow, I like that song you played there!” Later then he began to sing in front of the MTV Movie Awards guests.   
Paul Walker was great actor. He has done a lot of movies in his time. He loved what he was doing for people’s enjoyment. He was very important in some of our lives. If Paul was here today, he would make more movies. He would also continue being the great actor he is.


  1. I liked your biography on Paul Walker.I mostly liked it because it talked about his personal life more. My favorite part was when you talked about the movies he has been it. This was I really good PPOW.

  2. I liked your biography, because there was lots of information about Paul Walker and his movies that he played it. Good job.

  3. This is Kyley,
    Your biography was awesome. My favorite part was the part about his daughter. I liked how you talked about his personal life and not all about the movies he was in. Good work, Rikki!


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