Wednesday, May 20, 2015

True Colors

True colors

It was art class, freshman year. I met the most annoying kid named Hazen. He would always make fun of me because I was so interested in art, and because I was so tall and kinda a nerd. I was one of those girls who loved school, art and music. I always did good in school, and I really didn't have to try and art is my hobby. I don’t know what it is about it, but I just love it so much.
Now Hazen was one of those kids that plays football and didn't really care about anyone else but himself. He would always hang out with his guytourage and make fun of other girls, but he was surprisingly good at art, and he always paid attention, which was weird for a guy who claims he didn't care about school. He was not really like the other guys; he cared about school (when they were not around). I was determined to find out who he really was, because the Hazen Tomsen that he was on the outside isn’t the Hazen Tomsen that he was on the inside. That, I was sure of.
I walked into art and Hazen was not there yet. He rushed into class ten seconds before the bell rang. This time he decided to make a comment about my hair, because I always leave it the same.
“You know you don't have to make fun of everything,” I said.
“And did you know that you can stop talking now?” said Hazen.
“I know your secrets,” I said.
“What secrets are you talking about?” said Hazen.
“You actually care about school, and you're not like the guys you hang out with,” I said.
“Yeah right, that’s probably the funniest thing you have ever said, Nerd,” said Hazen
“Yeah, yeah you know what I’m talking about,” I said.
He didn't say anything else to me that class, which was kinda weird for him and to be honest I kinda missed talking to him. I mean I just don't get why it’s such a big deal if people find out who he really is. I tried to tell him bye, but he just looked at me with a saddened look on his face. I knew from that moment that I did care about him and it was strange for me. Guys like him are not usually my type, but there was something different about him.
I walked into art class and I was almost late, but Hazen was already there when I got there. This time he didn't make a rude comment, he just said hey. I stood there with disbelief. This was a side of him that I had never seen, but I liked it much better.
“I’m sorry, could you repeat that again,” I said.
“No, you heard me the first time,” said Hazen with a smile on his face.
“Do you feel ok?” I asked.
“Yes, I just listened to what you said, and you were right, I’m not like the other guys,” said Hazen.
“Yeah duh, I know that,do you think I’m stupid or something?” I said.
“Why would I ever think that, nerd?” smirked Hazen.
During that class, we talked a lot and it was kinda awesome.
As time went on we talked a lot on snapchat and texting. It was fun doing snapchat with him because he would always send the most funny things that made me laugh. But he also didn't talk to me in person in front of the guys. I mean, I kinda expected that, but the more close we got the more the real Hazen Tomsen got revealed . Also, I started to realize that I liked him but it wasn't because of his looks or anything like that. It was because of the type of person he was on the inside. One day he finally asked me out and of course I said yes. But I should have known that it also came with some stipulations.
One month later
“I just don't understand, what is your problem?” said Hazen.
“My problem? My problem is that we can't even be a couple in public, the only time we can talk is texts (which you delete after we are done). We can't even talk, this is not a relationship and I want out,” I said.
“Well you know what? Then just leave,” said Hazen.
I stormed out of art class and went into the bathroom and cried. I wasn't crying because I was sad, I was crying because I was disappointed. Disappointed in the choice that he made.
We didn't talk for the next couple of days. Until one day he called me and told me that he would make it up to me. I didn’t listen to him and I hung up. It was probably just another one of his lies that he made up. I wanted to believe it because we broke up at the wrong time. Prom is coming up and I’d bought a dress and everything, but now its looks like I will have to go by myself.
                                         Lunch the next day
I was eating lunch with my friends, Skylar and Hannah, when all of a sudden Ed Sheeran's “Thinking Out Loud” started playing and down the steps walked Hazen, and all of his guys turned to stare. He walked right up to me and then a slide show started playing of this video of all these paintings that he made for me and at the end it said, “Emily, will you go to prom with me?”
I couldn't believe that he did this for me. I said yes and hugged him. The guys began to laugh but Hazen didn't care. He got what he really wanted and that was way more important than what they thought.

Now I know what you're all thinking. Why did she choose to write a love story, but the stories not just about love. It’s about our differences and no matter what we look like or how smart we are we should always stay true to ourselves, and not let other people tell us what we can and can't do, because popularity is not everything.

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