Friday, May 22, 2015

April PPOW

                                                                Hailey Haynes
March 25, 2015
English 8-7

The Mysterious Thing

“It’s coming run!” I yelled to Bethany.
The mysterious creature was running straight at us.
  “Where are we?” Bethany asked, gasping for air.
“We are lost, it’s still chasing us,” I screamed.
The mysterious beast with long claws, vicious teeth, and big red eyes was trailing right behind us, we have no idea what this creature is, but it was extremely big and scary.
“We have to lose this thing, it’s starting to catch up to us!”
“Carrie, I’m scared!” Bethany cried.
“I am too! Just keep running,” I cried.
We quickly cut across the road and went into the woods. Bethany was leading, she pushed a branch out of her face, it came back and whipped me in my face. I let out a loud scream.
“I’m sorry, Carrie, I didn’t mean to,” Bethany said.
“Look over there a cabin!” I announced.
“We can hide in that for a little while!” Bethany said.
We both ran up to the cabin; struggling to get the door open. I broke the tiny window above the lock and unlocked the door.  The beast was starting to fall behind. It didn’t know where we went.
Bethany and I ran into the cabin trying to catch our breath.
“Carrie, I can’t run anymore,” Bethany continued, “I can hardly feel my legs anymore,” Bethany said trying to catch her breath.
“We can take a break and hope that the beast doesn’t find us here,” I said.
“I think, I might lie down for a little while,” Bethany said tiredly.
“I’ll wake you up if it comes around here.” I said.
A few hours passed and Bethany was sleeping on the old couch. I gazed out the window, searching for the beast.
“I see it, I see the beast!” I screamed.
Bethany jumped off the couch in a panic.
“What? Where?” Bethany whispered.
“Over there look!” I continued, “It’s just laying there in front of those trees,” I pointed out.
“What is it doing?” Bethany asked.
“Just sleeping.” I said.
“Should we try to leave before it wakes up?” Bethany asked.
“Yes, slowly walk out the front door,” I whispered.
The door creaks open. The beast twitches in its sleep. I thought, it was going to wake up. Bethany and I slowly step out the front door onto the porch, we were hoping that the beast wouldn't wake up. We stepped out onto the grass. There was a whole bunch of sticks on the ground. I stepped on the large stick and it made a huge crackling noise. The beast woke up. I scream in fear of watching the beast stand up. We both dash across the woods, we come across a stream. I hear a scream coming from Bethany.
“Help! Wait!” Bethany screamed.
Bethany tripped and fell in the stream, her foot was stuck under a log.
“Please, Carrie, help me!”
I ran back to help Bethany up. I tried to push the log off of her, but it was too heavy.
“Ouch!” Bethany cried.
“I’m sorry, It’s heavy,” I said.
The beast is less that 10 feet away from us. Its coming closer and closer, I finally managed to push the log off of her. I grab her arm and yank her off of the ground.
“Hurry! Lets go!” I yelled.
“I’m coming,” Bethany said.
The beast grabbed Bethany’s leg, it pulled her to the ground. I go back to try and save Bethany, but the beast has his grip really tight around her leg. It yanks her around and drags her on the ground. She got a little cut on her left leg from the twigs on the ground.
The beast picks her up and pushes her against the tree. The beasts face gets really close to hers. Bethany screams really loud. I don’t know what to do, I just stand there shocked that this is actually is happening.
“What do I do?” I yelled.
“Get it off of me!” Bethany cried.
I ran up to the beast, I tackled the beast. It fell to the ground and I saw the zipper on his back.
“Wait a minute!” I  yelled.
I quickly unzipped the back of the beast. It was Bethanys brother, dressed up as a scary beast for halloween.
“You have to be kidding me right now,” Bethany said.
“Happy Halloween!” her brother said.

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