Friday, May 22, 2015

March PPOW

The Secret Continued

There is no way that what I just heard my mom say could be true. All I could do was stand there with my mouth open and stare at my mom, and I could see the Stacey was feeling the exact same way that I was feeling.
“Honey, please say something,” Mom said with a worried look in her eye. Then she looked at Stacey and you could see only pain in her expression. I turned and ran out of the house as fast as my leg would let me.
“Wait!” I heard my mom yelling after, but I went straight to my car and locked the doors. I heard a knock on my window. I looked up expecting to see my mom standing there, but it was Stacey.
“Where are you going Blair,” asked Stacey.
“Anywhere but here,” I reply, refusing to look her in the eye. Stacey walked around to the other side of the car and got in.
“Fine,” she started “but i’m going with you.” As much as I wanted to be alone I let Stacey stay in the car. If she really was my sister I would have to learn not to hate her. I turned the key and backed out of the driveway. I didn’t really have a place in mind, but I just kept driving.
“Is there anywhere you want to go?” I asked Stacey. Not really sure that she would answer.
“I’ve always wanted to go to Florida,” Stacey says as she looks out the window. I could tell by the look on her face that she wasn’t kidding.
“You do realize that we live Nebraska, right?” I ask.
“Yes I realize where we live.” Stacey says rolling her eyes. “But I think we both need to get far away from here and take a break.” A day ago the idea of traveling across the country with Stacey would of made me sick, but now I want to get to know Stacey better. I also want to get far way from my lying mother, and I do just need a break from my life for a little while.
“How could Mom not tell me I have a sister?” I think to myself. Not to mention that it was Stacey, who I have hated all through High School. I started driving to Florida, trying not to think about anything but the road.
“I’m sorry Blair,” Stacey says out of nowhere. I look over at her, but she won’t make eye contact with me.
“Sorry for what?” I ask. Even though there are a million different things she could be sorry for.
“For trying to take your race.” Stacey looks out the window as she talks.
“I never should of done that.” she continues. “I was just jealous that you were better than me, and after you got hurt I saw my chance to finally be the best one on the team.” I don’t know what to say after she’s done talking.
I can tell that she really is sorry, but I keep my mouth shut and don’t say anything.
“I really am trying here...sis.” Stacey looks at me when she says this. “ Come on, i’m trying to be funny Blair.” I smile and laugh a little even though I don’t mean to.
“What’s Dad like?” I ask, not really wanted to hear the answer. Stacey looks at me with a sad look on her face.
“Trust me Blair.” Stacey starts. “You don’t want to know him.” I see that talking about him makes Stacey upset, so I decided to leave it alone. I don’t think i’m ready to know about him yet anyway. We stop at a diner to eat after driving for about two hours.
“You know,” says Stacey, “I’ve always wanted a sister.”
“Me too.” I say smiling. Maybe Stacey wasn’t so bad after all. I can’t believe I went from hating her to being her sister and actually liking her within a matter of hours. I sit down at our table and start staring at the wall. I think about track and how much I miss it. I think i’m finally started to understand that i’ll never run again. At least not like how I use to.
I think about my mom and how she could keep something so huge from me.
“Stacey?” I ask.=
“Yeah? she says.
“I don't think I ever want to go back.” I turn to look at her.
“Me either.” replies Stacey. “Our lives kind of suck.” She smiles when she says it, but I can see the pain in her eyes.
“Then lets not go home.” I say as I look at Stacey. I’m not kidding, not even a little.
“Ok.” says Stacey smiling. We get up the go back to the car. We get in the car and start driving to Florida. I drive with a smile on my face. I have nothing else to worry about. Im far away from my problems, and I have a new sister. Everything is perfect.
I’m never going back to all the lies and problems. I never would've thought that I would want to spend more than 5 minutes with Stacey. Now she’s my sister and I wouldn’t want my surprise to be anybody else.

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