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Montana St Bobcats

Montana St Bobcats

There is a small school in a small town of Bozeman, MT, where the university of Montana State plays its athletics. Montana state isn’t a very good athletic school. They are from the FCS conference in division one athletics, Which essentially means that they can’t go to football bowl games and probably some other stupid rules. Montana state’s football and basketball team are there only worthwhile teams.
The football team has had been chosen to be ranked in the top 15 teams in the FCS for 20 straight years. They have made appearances in the FCS football playoffs in every round up to the semi-finals. where they have been beaten by North Dakota State, Coastal Carolina, and Northern Iowa. They have won the Big Sky conference four years in a row and have won and average of  10 games of a 12 game schedule the main rival is the University of Montana Grizzlies. The game is called the brawl of the wild Montana State usually wins but the were killed last year with a score of 48-14.
Montana state makes usual playoff appearances but are derailed by other playoff caliber teams. Montana state doesn't have very many player in the NFL but does have some.
On the Basketball side of thing Montana state is on the average side of things winning about 17 games a year. They have won the Big Sky conference four years in a row and have made it to the tournament about 14 times.

They are lead by and very experienced squad with five of  12 player underclassmen.
Montana state played Kentucky last year and were killed 98-65. The bobcats are a very overlooked team when playing D1 schools but have a winning record against them at 21-12.
Montana state did not make the tournament this year but were close as they would have played Gonzaga but were outstretched by North Dakota State.
Iowa state has played them before and won 104-34 back in 2000. A Montana state player created a poem with his time at the college

Montana state is the best.
Everyone in the Big Sky is fearning us
When we come in your place we make it quake because
Bobcat nation is in first place

Montana state has had a short time in the D1 were it was in the Mountain West Conference and were destroyed by everyone to Boise State to Troy. Montana state made it to the National FCS championship this year were they played the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers.
They were in the playoffs with NDSU and Montana and thought they had a clear road when their QB went down with a ankle injury and missed the playoffs NDSU would go on and get their fourth straight national championship and 36th straight win.
Montana St would rebound to getting the best FCS high school recruit in Jamal Freeman Quarterback/Running back. Montana st is starting the season as the number 13 team in the FCS
They start the season off with a game against Fort Lewis a D2 school. Next is a conference game against Eastern Washington, The then play host to California Poly on Homecoming.
Then begins the tough part of their schedule against the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks.
They then ensue the next game with a contest with Sacramento State. Afterwards they go on the road against the Portland state Vikings. They have an out of conference affair with Eastern Tennessee.
They have against Montana the final week and will be playing host to them in the snow most definitely.
On the basketball side of things they will be playing Oakland, Kansas, and UCLA.
It will definitely be having a tough year.
Dorm life is simple the campus is located near a mountainous state park and is a great past time event. The campus also is located near the White river which borders the football stadium and basketball area. Activities on campus are low key but exclusive the have their own vertical mountain face for climbing a rec center, also a mall and restaurants stream the town. Dorm room are average size with two lofts two dressers and desk along with a tc and free WiFi.
Classes are sprung about the campus with Science and Math in one building athletics in another, and Skilled classes in the last.
Montana St is one of the countries most forefront campuses and is known for its unique atmosphere


  1. I really like how you are so drawn to that college and your intrest in it. I think that it is a tragedy that they couldn't have a long time in D1, and the fact that they were destroyed by everyone.

  2. I love how this is about the Bob Cats. My favorite part is when it says they aren't a very good team.


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