Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3

In about thirty years Mikey walked in the building and looked all sad. He seen Foxy’s hook and the other parts in a box. He walked in more into the place to see Bonnie’s face on the wall and it was fixed.
“Oh my, Bonnie and foxy are gone.” Mikey said softly. “I wish I could have been here for them.” He starts to cry lightly. He kept walking in more and more. When he walked into one of the rooms and seen a golden thing. All he seen was it’s feet.
“GET OUT OF HERE!” Something yelled at him. “Goldy?” Mikey thought it was golden freddy but when he came out it was an golden bonnie all ripped up into nothing. “The name is Springtrap, and i believe we already met my good old sport.” Springtrap said.
“I dont think we met.” Mikey stuttered. “Oh really now Well my real name is Purple guy or you can call me Mr. Mayor.” Springtrap glared at Mikey.
“WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!” Mikey started to scream from fear. Springtrap showed his face and Mikey was terrified it look like Bonnie’s but ripped all the way up. “I am made up of Golden freddy, Old Bonnie, And Toy Bonnie. You need to leave here, once Springtrap takes over my body then I will kill you.” Springtrap went back into hiding.  Mikey went to the office and started to do his job. Mikey was scared out of mind. Balloon boy jump scared Mikey and he was terrified. He had to fix the error. Foxy knocked onto the door has Mikey wasn’t trying to look. Foxy looked at Mikey constantly.
“What do you want Foxy!” Mikey screamed. Foxy walked to him.
“I don’t want anything I just want to help you.” Foxy put his hand onto Mikey’s hand. Foxy wined like a dog begging Mikey to give him another chance.
“Foxy, I’ll give you one more chance.” Mikey looked at him and smiled. Foxy would sit at the door waiting for Springtrap to appear. When Springtrap came to the door Foxy jumped on to him trying to save Mikey.
“Run Lad!” Foxy snarled at him. Mikey went to a hiding place. Where Mikey hid he found something and it started moving around. Mikey fell backwards on the ground and crawled backwards. A purple blackish hand came out and helped Mikey up.
“Who are you?” Mikey wonder. The thing went back to hiding and didn’t say a word to Mikey.
“B-b-bonnie?” Shutter Mikey. Bonnie looked at Mikey. Then he looked away. Meanwhile with Foxy and Springtrap, Springtrap was pinned onto the ground.
“Foxy! What are you doing! You should be helping me not Mikey!” Springtrap tried to yell it at him. Foxy looked at him in confusion.
“Mikey is my best friend and you're the monster just making more over and over! I had an life and you took it away from me!” Foxy started to get mad and his eye went black. While foxy started to rip Springtrap Mikey and Bonnie walking in.
“Boys! stop!” Bonnie said with his voice all messed up. “Ah Lad you're alive and you look great.” Foxy said nicely. Foxy was started to walk over to him but Springtrap jumped on him. Bonnie ran over to him and threw him off of Foxy.
“Thanks Bon Bon!” Foxy smiled and walked over to Springtrap. Bonnie told Mikey to leave the building and never come back.
“Mikey you need to leave and never come back , I’m sorry but you can’t have this job anymore.  Mikey looked at him shocked.
“Bonnie! Mikey can stay here if we can get rid of Springtrap!”  Foxy demanded. Bonnie  Got hit by a metal bar. Foxy grabbed Springtrap and pins him on the wall with his feet off the ground.
“Well, What are you waiting for? Finish me!” Springtrap closed his eye waiting for Foxy to do it but all he did was pulled out the dead body of purple man. He threw the suit on the ground. Bonnie got up and seen Foxy and Springtrap.
“Woah! Is that purple man?” Bonnie asked in confusion. Foxy nod his head while still choking Springtrap. Bonnie walked over to and kicked him on the ground.
“You won but I will return!” Springtraps soul became free. Bonnie walked over to mikey and helped him up onto his feet.
“I don’t think you’ll ever be coming back.” Foxy took the metal pole and stabbed it into his chest. Foxy looked back to mikey and smiled. All of a sudden the building and everything started to fly up. The walls flew up into pieces. And then they knew what was happening.
“Were going home!” Bonnie said excited. Foxy threw his hook up into the air laughing.
“Agr! Finally!” Foxy jumped up and down. Then the bright white light disappeared and they were all standing in front of the old Freddy Faz Bear pizza place. Bonnie and Foxy looked at Themselfs and they were all fixed again. They looked at Mikey and smiled. Freddy and Chica came walking out of the pizza place and Bonnie and Foxy hugged them.
“Foxy? Bonnie? Mikey?” Freddy looked shocked. Mikey hugged freddy .
“Freddy? I’m glad you're all alive and still you.” Mikey started to cry full of joy. Mikey now realized that this was the end of Five Nights At Freddy's. Freddy hugged him even tighter and so did the others.
“Do I really have to go?!” Mikey cried really hard. Foxy gave Mikey his hook.
“Keep this Lad, so you can remember me by it.” Foxy smiled with a sadness you can see in him.
“Here,” Bonnie gave him his bow tie. “Keep it to remember me.” Bonnie hugged him. And Freddy his hat and Chica gave her Cupcake. They waved at him and he started to walk away. Foxy got really sad and feel on his knees.
“Foxy?” Chica put her hands into his shoulder. “He won’t be gone forever.” Foxy told her that he hope she was right.
They walked back inside and they shut themselves down.

And thats the story of Five Nights At Freddys. The end! Or is it?

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