Friday, May 22, 2015

April PPOW

Madison Simonsen
April 1, 2015
English 8-7
Close Your Eyes  
I got up off the ground, I had leaves hanging on my cloths and in my hair. I looked around and then started running. I bursted through the trees, with the willow branches falling on me. Then I heard something. I stopped; there was a loud noise. The echo scratched my ears, I grabbed my ears and turned around. I waited a second before I moved; it all went black.
I opened my eyes I could see black; there was a bag over my head. My hands and feet were tied. There were bumps in the road that we were on. I could hear two guys talking,
“Where are you going to take her?”
“To the abandoned house, just as we planed, then I’ll get paid?”
“We’ll get payed?”
The car stopped, and I was dragged out onto the ground. They propped me up, and then we walked into the house. After a lot of walking they pushed me on the ground, and then the door slammed behind me. I’m in a dark room, it was cold, and I could feel mist settling itself on my body. The wind was blowing up my back, goose bumps start to show. I heard someone talking in the distance. I looked around and could see nothing. I could feel someone else was in here with me, the person moved a lot.
I could hear them coming up the steps; I panicked. They started to grab me I was lifted up, and put onto a chair. Then they strapped my hands behind my back. They lifted the bag up. When I saw where I was tears flooded my eyes.
“Why, why would you bring me here?” I screamed with fear.
One of them replied in a sick evil voice, “You know why.”
I screamed back, “Just let me go”
He stood there with a smirk on his face,
“You are going to relive what happened here, what you did,” He said.
I yelled back, “I didn't do anything, she did it to herself! I tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t, when that chair fell out from under her, I tried, I crawled I was tied up, it wasn’t my fault.”
“I don’t believe you, she would never do that,” He yelled and picked up a chair and threw it across the room. “ You!” he locked his eye on me, “You did it, you killed her, face it no one believes your story about her hanging herself, for being a young teenager you're good at covering up crimes, how did you do it? Did you have help.”
In a softly quiet voice I exclaimed, “I didn’t kill her.”
I tilted my head down, I could feel a tear drop run down the side of my right cheek. He left the room and slammed the door behind him. I was crying harder now, so many times after she died I was blamed for her death. No one believed me, they all thought I killed her. Foot steps roamed the bottom floor of the house. Then they were coming up stairs, the door swung open.
“Get up its time for you to save the rest of your family.” He grabbed my arm and untied the ropes he yanked me up.

“What are you talking about?” I questioned.
We walked out the bedroom door and went down stairs into the living room he through me on the ground then tied me up. He put a blindfold over my eyes. I could hear a lot of noise going on around me. He took the blindfold off. I gasped!
“Now you get the chance to save them.” He said.
“No please I can’t save them all.” I pleaded
He kicked the chair under my brother around trying to get a reaction. I just screamed and yelled and hoped he didn’t kill the rest of my family, the only thing I have.
“Please I do anything, just please don’t kill them.”
He walked toward me and whispered in my ear,
“You don’t have to watch, just close your eyes.”
I could feel the tears rushing out of my eyes. I panicked so I shut my eyes. I heard ropes tighten three times. I balded as I sat there and thought about what I did. After about an hour or what I thought was an hour I heard a door open someone was screaming my name the noise got closer. Then I realized it was my dad he was calling for me. I was very confused because I thought he was dead. Someone ran up to me and was untying my hands and taking my blindfold off. I opened my eyes I could hardly see I was crying to much.
“Honey oh my goodness thank gosh you're ok.” He said with tear in his eyes but a smile on his face.
“Dad but I thought you were dead,” I said as a tear went down my face.
“Its ok you're safe now.” He said.

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