Friday, May 22, 2015


It is 1,000 years after people have left Earth for the survival of the human race. All house pets, zoo animals, and other animals have been left to rot on the broken planet. Left with the knowledge of the human race, evolution has sped up. Causing every species left with the knowledge to become more and more intelligent, causing an evolution race. Who can climb the food chain the fastest and become the superior beings?
“Are you sure it’s safe?” the voice knocks me out of my daydream.
“Are you sure it’s safe?” she says, clearly irritated.
“Of course!” I yell, the tension from the journey back has taken my patience away like a thief in the night.
“Last time you said that…” she trails off.
“Don’t talk about it!” I scream.
She stomps off, the scowl of disgust on her face tearing my heart into shreds. I look up from the control panel and choke back my emotions. A single tear runs down my face, what’s the point anymore? As if to answer my question, the Earth comes into the view in the window. The beauty of the planet is impeccable. No wonder Savannah wanted us to come here.
“Savannah, come here!” I yell to the back of the ship.
The sound of rustling comes from the backroom. The echo of her footsteps walking down the hallway rush past my ears. She appears out of the room and walks towards me. Her blue eyes shining in the light. She looks exactly like her mom, I think to myself as I look with pride.
“You going to keep staring or are you going to show me what you are screaming about?” she asks defiantly.
Acts like her mom too, I think with a smile on my face.
“Look,” I step back from the window, so she can see
“Wow,” she gapes. “It’s beautiful!”
“Right?” I ask with excitement.
After three days of staring at the planet growing bigger in the window we are finally within landing distance. We get on the landing pod under the ship. The tension is extremely high as we detach from the ship. We all have the same thought in our heads, what is down there? The feeling of freefall brings my heart to my throat. I struggle against the restraints as I’m being pushed upwards. Finally the parachutes deploy, and I’m slammed back down onto the floor.
The doors open painfully slow. I walk out of the pod, and I am instantly blinded by the light of the sun. I bring my hand up to my eyes so I can get a better look of my surroundings. I hear three beeps from my sensor. The air is breathable. I take off my helmet slowly. I am instantly stricken by the sight in front of me.
A bunch of gray rectangles are sprouting out of the ground like ugly plants. Skyscrapers? I ask myself for assurance.
“Is that… a city?” Savannah asks.
“What?” Hannah questions herself.
As if to end our conversation three little black streaks come from the city. The objects are so fast I struggle to follow them with my eyes. Suddenly the objects are seconds to our location.
“Run!” Savannah screams, turning around.
“Wait, what if they’re friendly?” I ask the girls.
“Are you crazy!” Hannah says with a look of disapproval.
By now the helicopter-like aircraft are only about 300 yards away. Within one minute they land in front of us. My legs feel like they are about to give out. No one should be here! Then they walk out of the craft. They aren’t human, their faces are scrunched up like they smelt something bad, their noses sloped back and flat like a steep hill. Their mouths jutting from the rest of their face.
“They look like… chimpanzees!” Savannah exclaims.
“How do you know about that?” I ask.
“Earth history,” Savannah replies.
The chimp-like humanoids are slowly walking towards us, studying us and how we will react, while aiming guns directly at our heads. My first instinct is to put my hands over my head. One of the humanoids notices and jumps at the sudden movement. All four of the beings point their guns at me.
All of them have confused look on their faces as if to say, why isn’t he attacking?
I finally get the courage to speak and manage to croak out, “We are friendly, please don’t shoot.”
The being slightly lower their guns and one of them opens their mouth, “You, you speak our language!”
The words hit me like a train, they understand english? They see the surprised look on my face and one of them laughs. The laugh sounds like a bass drum being hit lightly.
“I like him!” one of the chimps laughs.
The other chimps nod their heads in approval, but when they notice Savannah and Hannah they lose their smiles.
“The other two aren’t amusing like this one,” one of the chimps states. “We should kill them.”
“No, no, no, they are just like me!” I yell.
The chimps look at me with a sympathetic look like they’ve been in the same place, but the chimp who seems to be in command doesn’t buy it.
“Kill them, leave the funny one!”
My heart drops, from my chest to my shoes. The beings look at me with sadness and take aim at my family.
“Daddy!” Savannah screams.
I look over at them, and they have terrified looks on their faces. I want to scream, but I lose my voice. It all happens in slow motion, the first bullet breaks the silence like glass. Afterwards, other bullets come at my family. I reach out as if to be able to save them with a wave of a hand.
They both crumple down to the ground. I feel like I’m about to throw up as I look at their corpses. I try to run over, but two of the humanoids grab my arms and pull me towards the helicopter. I manage to get a scream out before being dragged into the craft.
They sit me down in the craft, but I don’t resist. My whole body is numb and I’m just staring at the seat in front of me. The only thing I feel is the tears running down my cheeks leaving streaks of wetness across my face. They… they’re gone. I choke on my tears, and one of the beings puts their hand on my shoulder, as if to comfort me.
I look at the ugly face, and anger rushes through me like fire in my veins. I get up then the chimp gets up and says something I can’t hear. I try to remember my training from hostile combat class. My first reaction is to grab the hairy arm and pull it behind the chimp’s back. I then put my foot on it’s back and push it off the aircraft.
Another being notices and runs at me full sprint. I crouch and kick the being’s leg then stomp on his neck with a horrible snap. I run up to the front of the aircraft, but a hairy arm grabs my neck. Without turning around, I grab his elbow and bend it backwards, he responds with a horrible screeching sound and falls to the floor, writhing in pain.
I kick open the door to the cockpit and the pilot turns around with a horrified look on his face. I slam his head into the control panel and point the driving stick in the direction of the city with one thought going through my mind, revenge.

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