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April PPOW

The Wreck
One ordinary summer day, I was at Lizzie’s house.  We were going to go paddle boating and do some other things.  The day didn’t turn out as planned. We were having a blast.  Lizzie and I were paddle boating just like we had been doing on and off all day.  Lizzie’s mom comes down to take a picture to send to my mom.  As she was going to send the picture to my mom she gets a call.  The call was from my mom.  She answers and is talking for quite a while.  That was a usual thing for our mom’s to be talking, but we tied the paddle boat up anyways.
We walk up to Bernadette and she says, “It’s your mom.”
I exclaimed, “What a surprise!”
As we were standing there talking, Bernadette’s face seemed worried.  Lizzie and I didn’t know what was happening.  As soon as Bernadette got off the phone, she turned to us and paused for a little bit.  
When she began to speak, she said, “Your sister and Felicia were in a car wreck.”
As soon as she said that my heart began racing.  I didn’t know what had happened at all or anything.  
She began to speak again, “Your sister and Felicia were heading home from Felicia’s parents on a gravel road since the bridge was down.  Sidney was driving and they came over a hill to two cars racing.”
I was probably sheet white by then.  Anyways my mom didn’t know much by then, but was going to call Bernadette back.  We went inside and while I was getting vinegar put on my legs, since they were so burnt, my mom calls back.  She talked to Bernadette and told her what was  happening.  
When she got off the phone, she came into the kitchen and said, “Your sister is going to be fine and so is Felicia, but Felicia has a concussion, and she hurt her ankle.  
I sighed and was kind of happy.  My mom had asked Bernadette to ask me  if I wanted to go home or to the hospital to see her.  At that very second I wanted to go see her, but I thought about it and didn’t want to be a pain.  I wanted my parents taking care of my sister and not worrying about me.  So I stayed at Lizzie’s house another night and of course, I had a blast because we always do.  The next day I spent most of it at Lizzie’s until Holly took me to the baseball game that night because that is where my sister wanted to go.  She wanted to get out of the house because she was stuck there all day.  She was all bandaged up and got asked a million questions.  
The next morning, I woke up to a sheriff at my house.  I didn’t realize that till I came down the steps and went to turn the corner and saw a sheriff. I turned around and went back up the stairs to get some better clothes on.  Felicia and my sister were in sitting on the dining room couch.  I walked into the kitchen and Felicia got up and was really happy to see me.  Happier than usually, I think because of the concussion.  The sheriff asked them questions and talked to them about the girls racing and how they were probably at fault.  
This is the story of the accident I got from my sister when we sat down in our bedroom and talked about it.  Felicia and Sidney went over to Atlantic to Felicia’s parents house.  They had to take a gravel road to get there and on the way back because the bridge was getting fixed.  Felicia asked Sid if she wanted to drive on the way home.  Sid had her permit, so she drove.  They were headed home on the gravel road.  They were coming up on a hill and they saw a red car coming over the hill and it was going very fast throwing rocks at them and making quite a bit of dust.  Sid slowed down and got over to the side a little.  Right after that red car passed and the rock hit the windshield Felicia looked up at her windshield to see if it was cracked.  Sid glanced over at where the rock hit and glanced up and saw a green car right in front of her.  The next thing she knew was they had been hit and spun quite a ways.  
Felicia and Sidney both looked at each other and asked if they were alright.  They both thought they were fine.  They both tried to grab the handle to get out, but they were to smashed. The steering wheel was smashed up against Sidney and so was the front dash.  She says her adrenaline rush came to her, and she had to get out.  She said that her door was bent in, so she could reach her hand in and pry the door open.  While she was trying to do that Felicia was moaning about her ankle, so Sid thought she really needed to get out so she could help Felicia. Sid got out somehow and went over to Felicia’s side.  She helped her get out and they both just sat there by the car leaned up against it. They looked at each other, and Sidney was bleeding all over her legs, and Felicia’s ankle was swollen and slightly bruised at the time.  They thought they needed to call someone. So Felicia grabbed her phone and called her mom.  Her mom answered, and Felicia started to talk, but she hung up on her.  
She turned to Sid and said, “I don’t want to worry her.”
Sid said, “But Flea we need help, we were just in an accident.”
So Felicia called back and told her mom.  Her parents were on their way.  Their house wasn’t that far from where the accident happened.  Before her parents got there, the cops were already there.  The red car that passed first must have called.  
Shortly Brenda and Alan came running up to them, they each hugged the girls.  Alan asked Sidney if she had called her mom or dad. She hadn’t so she called dad and told him that her and Felicia had been in a car accident.  He started to ask all these questions, so Alan took the phone and talked to him. My dad left work and headed straight there. They let my mom know and she also left.  
The driver of the other car was hurt pretty badly.  When my dad got there they had they road blocked off, so he went around and he saw a helicopter.  He said he was thinking that on the phone they told him it wasn’t that bad.
So he parked his car to the side and started up the road and the officer stopped him, but he kept walking and said, “That’s my daughter.”
 He started running up there.  My dad doesn’t run very often.  
The driver of the other car got life flighted to Creighton.  Felicia had to ride the ambulance to the hospital because she didn’t really know what was happening and didn’t understand that she was in an accident.  That was because of the concussion. Sid rode in Felicia’s brother’s truck, since it was the first one there besides the cops.  They both got checked up by the ER doctor and got bandaged up.  Felicia had to have a scan to make sure she didn’t have any brain damage, and it was just a concussion.
Sid ended up having huge cuts all over her legs and a few deep ones.  She had a couple bruised ribs from the steering wheel, and her nose was sore from the air bag.  She also had tingling in her knees for a long time, so she went to a specialist to get them checked out.  They were very swollen and they said that they are just going to have to heal. It will probably take a year or so.  She was in pain for a while.  She has huge scars from the cuts still and her knees swell up and hurt occasionally.  Felicia had a concussion, a little cut, and a very badly bruised ankle. Her ankle still hurts her and she is finding pinched nerves and that, but they are both doing very good.  
The driver of the other vehicle ended up having some broken bones.  We all thought that everyone would have learned a lesson, but we found out that driver was just caught doing something with alcohol.
Even though the other girls were caught at fault, they didn’t get charged with anything.  It happened to be that they were racing on the highway and turned onto the gravel road.  Someone had reported them racing and passing each other on the highway minutes before the wreck. On a hill the green car was coming over and trying to pass the red car, but Sidney and Felicia were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Considering it was a head on collision.  All the sheriff’s said that they are two very lucky girls. They said most of the time when they see this stuff happen, they do not survive.  We are all very happened that Sid and Felicia aren’t badly injured.

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