Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nirvana, Starr, Road Trip


The definition of ‘Nirvana’ actually means the freedom of pain. Kurt Cobain decided to name the band ‘Nirvana because it was his closest definition of Grunge. He’s been dead for about 20 years now due to a suicidal incident. The way it happened was, he put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger before the cops came. Before he killed himself, Kurt Donald Cobain married Courtney Love and had a child named Frances Bean Cobain. She’s 22 years old today. If you're thinking that Kurt didn't love his family, you're wrong.
He truly did love his family very much with a passion. He even left a note before he died. In the note, there are two parts in the letter. One for his fans, and the other for his family. In the fan section, he says that he pretty much gave up because he didn’t really feel the same passion as ‘Queen’ did.
What he means by that is that he really couldn't get any excitement of performing like other rock artists did, so I suppose he felt bad. The other part of the note that was dedicated to his family, is only known by his family. Courtney Love did not share that personal information out to anyone. Kurt also had three other siblings: two brothers and one sister.
Kurt was very successful in his career. He made catchy songs, and the people loved him, but the man had a high drug addition and went to rehab several times. In my own personal opinion, I think Kurt was murdered mentally. Only because he was so depressed, and I also think he was murdered period. I could be wrong, and I could be right, The world may never know, but rumors say Courtney Love has done something similar by making Kurt overdose in the past and writing the note apparently he left in his wallet.
Starr you're so bizarre,
But dude
You can almost be
As loud as a
When you grow up
You're gonna
Evolve into a
So bro,
You better get far,
As I hit this space bar.
Dude you’re cooler
Then Marceline’s
Axe bass Guitar.
You and the squad
Probably laughing
Like hardey
Har Har,
but I’m just sitting
Here picking
At my scar.
Here have this
Cookie jar
That’s filled
With candy bars.
You can keep it
As long as
You stay who
You are.
Road Trip
The squad rolls
With Nirvana the band.
Yeah, you know
Were all about
That ‘Teen Spirit,’ man.
We chill
At this place
Called Neverland.
With our immature
High spirited friend
Named Peter Pan.
Josie is over here
Speaking some
Language from Japan.
Oh by the way-
Did I mention we
Were in a magical
White van?
While baby Finn
Is on the roof
“I can shake uh my can!”,
But then we crashed
Into a trash can.
Went our Nirvana Jam.
Including all of us

And the white van.


  1. I appreciate that you implemented me in your work if art. I also love that you put my favorite 80's band in your poetry.

  2. this awesome you guys do this and nirvana is my favorite band.


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