Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The moon is bright,
When it is night,
It is a good time to fight,
No one can see the light,
Nothing in the world looks right,
The trees look scary with height,
We need a knight, so that we strive for our rights.

Nightmares are scary,
They can be very eerie,
Sometimes it get very dreary,

The sun is bright,
When its day,
Its a bad time to fight,
No one can see night,
School is stupid,
Its almost summer,
We all might get a tad dumber,
When its summer,
It will be a bummer,
Ha not school is boring,
There will be a lot of snoring,
And a lot of exploring,

Summer is fun,
Summer is cool,
Maybe we can go to the zoo.
We dont have to worry about school,
When we go to the pool.

Winter is cold,
It is a bad time to find Gold,
Well thats what ive been told,
There might be mold,
Trees lose their leaves,
There are heves of leaves,
That you can jump in.
It is starting to get cold,
but we have to be bold.

It is starting to get warm,
The bees always swarm,
There is usually a lot of storms,
When is is warm.
There might be a new lifeform,
Because of the transform.

Breakfast is good,
In the hood,
Were they have hoods.
They all look like robin hood.

Lunch is my favorite meal,
Because thats when im most hungry,
If I don't eat i'm angry.
Cuz im that hungry.

Supper is super,
Its like a super trooper.
Its on a blooper,
It is super.

4 wheelers
Atvs are fast,
they are a blast.

You can run fast,
jump high.
get hurt fast,
But it is still a blast.

My cousin has a moped,
she goes way too fast.
She thinks its a blast,
but she could get crippled.

PPOW,s are stupid,
I wish I could just stop.
but i need more lines,
so I can’t stop.
Or I will fail.

Prom is I don’t know,
I think its stupid but i dont know.
It might be fun,
it might be different,
but I just don’t know.
The End

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