Friday, May 22, 2015

April PPOW


Two weeks ago, time stopped. The Earth’s rotation stopped and we’re in complete darkness. The only light we had is in the buildings around big or lit up cities.  Everyone is using a lot more battery power for flashlights, but all technology is still up and running. Our clocks are still working, that is how we know it has been a few weeks since that day. On TV the reporters were calling it “The Endless Night.”
The cities in darkness are going crazy. Mostly everyone has been in touch with his or her insane side. The panic has gotten to their heads and they are doing crazy things. People are freezing their butts off because it has been a lot colder on the dark side too. People have gotten out thick jackets or winter coats to wear this summer. The average temperature has been about forty-five to fifty degrees.  They were lucky that it was summer when this happened.
On the light side it is not to cold. TV reporters are calling it “The Endless Light.” The temperature is around seventy-five to eighty degrees. The long daylight is making businesses extend hours. People are having trouble sleeping at the assumed nighttime. With the longer hours and less sleep, people are becoming exhausted. It seems bad now, but this is only the beginning.
After the first few days the temperatures started to increase. Scientist started to examine the atmosphere and other planets. Judging by their calculations all of the other planets have stopped rotating too. All of the planets are perfectly in line with each other. The planet’s revolution all stopped at a different time so they would line up. The gravity of the Sun has increased an enormous amount.  Each planet has moved toward the Sun.
The end of the world has come. We only have a few days until we hit the Sun. Everyone is in a panic. People are rushing to make the most of the time they have left. The two days we have left on this planet are going to be very short and packed with activities.
In those two days the dark and light sides will have changed.  The light side is experiencing very dry weather. It has gotten very hot because of the distance between the Sun and Earth. People are staying inside because of the extreme heat or the Sun. The use of air conditioning has gone up quickly.
The dark side has changed as well. It has gotten a lot warmer since last time. People have put away their heavy coats. There have been a few thunderstorms with lightning. The lightning has been the most natural light people have seen in a while. The crazy level has been about the same as before. The closer Earth gets to the Sun the warmer it gets. People from the dark side are trying to get as much natural light as possible. In a few days they won’t have to worry about that.
Scientists have concluded that in the next thirty-six hours our planet will be destroyed. When Earth hits the sun, our planet will be destroyed. The impact could destroy our galaxy. Scientists have been watching the planets in front of Earth. Each planet in front of us is not hitting the sun. Each planet is being thrown out of orbit. Each time a planet is thrown out of orbit it shrinks to the size of a piece of rice. Anything that was on the planet was thrown off into darkness.
NASA is still watching the sun in these final hours. They are counting down to our doom. People are staying home from work. People are staying with their families before the time is up.
The news is going crazy trying to capture a glimpse of the sun before it is too late. Some people are trying to make the best of this situation. Others have gotten too worried to even think about this being a good thing.
Many of them have made some crazy theories: the end of the world, a new opportunity, and even that there is no escape from what will happen. The way that the story is going you might think some of the same things. In the final outcome it all will end the same. Oblivion. Extinction. The End.
In the beginning that is what everyone thought. This story however, is a wicked curveball. Everything about human life will change in a big way, but this story does not end in our extinction.
In the final hour before the end, all light will have blacked out. The dark side is completely pitch black. The light side people are hiding in their basements because of the intense light. People will be in a panic. There are only a few minutes before everything will be gone. People were waiting for the end to come, but it never did.
Ten minutes later a very loud inaudible voice began to yell. Everyone on Earth could hear it. Suddenly the sun began to hallow itself out. Earth began to move towards the sun at a rapid speed. Everyone was terrified.
“Another life form,” said a voice.
“Shall we add them to our collection?” asked another.

“Yes, of coarse,” replied the voice.


  1. This is a good story. Did they hit the sun or what happened to Earth?

  2. This was a very well done PPOW. The ending was very surprising and left me thinking, good job!

  3. Jordyn, your ppow has to be one of my favorite stories I have read. It was a surprising twist at the end. I thought the voice that everyone heard was something nobody else would think about. The thing I really liked at the end, was that the end didn't happen. Keep up the marvelous work.


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