Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I woke up nauseous and felt a searing pain on my upper left arm then, aimlessly walking around I found my camera on a table. I observed the camera for a few seconds when all of a sudden a jolt of pain ran through my head, memories flashing and sounds racing in my head making my temples throb in agony. I fell back in terror as I remembered what had happened. I remembered it was a sunny day with my friends, and I playing a game of basketball. I made two backwards shots; it made the hoop both times. Later on in the day, we walked around and ate a bunch of food.
By the time, we were done it was sundown. My friends and I played a game of truth or dare. It was my turn being asked the question “truth or dare?” of course me being brave and outgoing I replied “dare.” My friend looked at me for a second and shrugged, while replying, “okay then get ready for what I’m about to dare you, I dare you… to go inside the murder shack.” I looked at her in shock “ do you hate me or something because last time I checked, friends don’t want other friends to die,” I replied. My friend made an annoying sound that kind of went like bawk bawk bawk!
I hastily turned on my heel, heading for the house to get my camera that was fully charged. I walked back outside where my friends were shooting hoops again, I gave them a blank look and said, “ if I get to go inside a psychotic murder’s house you to can at least follow me there until I go inside.” They looked at each other and silently approved then replying, “fine,” in unison. I turned on the camera and we walked in bitter silence.
By the time we walked to the edge of town it was 8:00 at night and my friends, and I had regrets of passing the police tape around the trees. Just a few more steps, and I could just barely see the worn down mess of a house with graffiti all over it. We all slowing walked up to the house shaking, shivering, and breathing way faster than we should. I was at the front steps the beating of our hearts abruptly stopped when my hand touched the almost broken, rusty doorknob. I gulped then slowly turned the doorknob and went inside I looked around, but there was no movements or sounds coming even from the shadows. I looked at my friends who were still just out side the door will wide eyes and huddling together.
I pulled out my camera and took a selfie, I looked at it with a smile, and I saved it to my camera roll. The hairs on the back of my neck spiked up when all of a sudden two swift, loud booms echoed through the house. I turned around shocked to see my friends on the ground pale, bloody, and dead… I screamed and ran to the nearest exit, which was a broken window just to my right. I sprang out the window with glass fragments slicing my skin, but at the time I could barely feel it. I sprinted out to the trees, which happens to be the opposite way I came.
Before I could even comprehend what was going on I heard a gunshot and my left arm was stinging in pain. I had tears streaming down my face, blood gushing out of my arm, but my instincts told me o sprint as fast as I can to my house, so I can call the po-po and be safe. I ran and ran as fast as my legs could take me. My heart was pounding, I had a repulsive headache, and my vision was blurred. My senses came back to me when I saw the town. Luckily and, coincidentally my house was just on the edge of town.
I looked behind me and saw no sign of the mysterious, and anonymous murderer. I became calm but still shocked and on edge. I jogged the rest of the way to my house and opened the door, and then I quickly locked it. I was severely weakened and I couldn’t use my left arm at all, and I used every last bit of my energy running through the forest. I set my camera on my table and headed for the bathroom to put an adhesive on my left arm and took pain medication.

I walked towards my couch and sat down and decided to lie down for a while because my legs felt like they were burning. I soon drifted off to sleep completely forgetting to call the police or an ambulance. I came back to reality from that horrible flashback from hours earlier. I want it to all be a dream, but it isn’t. All of that is in the past and I’m happy to be alive and to have survived the day I almost got killed. I turned around when I heard my floor creak, just then I saw a horrible sight I never wanted to see again. It was the same shadowy, and anonymous figure from before. I thought I was hallucinating and that I was crazy, but the figure held up its gun straight at me. I was frozen still and wide-eyed thinking this is my end. The figure only stood there and seconds later it said “ Excuse me but I seemed to have missed my shot earlier, I hope you don’t mind me giving it another try…” Then it all went black. That was the day I died just from playing a game of truth or dare… The end.

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  1. I'm glad we don't have a 'murder shack' in Avoca. Knowing us we would all die.


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