Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Favorite Sport

My Favorite Sports
One of my all time favorite sport is soccer because I love the physicality but there isn’t that much compared to football. My step dad was my soccer coach, but last Saturday was my last day of playing for my step dad. I’m not happy because that is most likely the last time I will play forward. But I got what I wanted. The one thing that I want before the last game is a goal, but I would’ve got two, but I was offsides.
My favorite professional soccer team is USA. Because of my favorite soccer player Tim Howard,  he is the best because he plays my favorite spot goalie. I have been playing goalie since I was in fifth grade, my coach then was Cj’s xmom.
Joy she was a really good coach. But my coach for eighth grade was my step dad.
My first soccer games this year was against Atlantic, and Riverside. My team won against Atlantic 11-1. Blake scored the first goal and he was really happy. Then Jordyn scored the next three goals. So we were really happy so we kept on scoring goals. The team Atlantic got really mad at each other so they stopped working together.
Then we played against Riverside we lost 3-2. Kyle scored the very first goal. Then Blake we were really happy so we thought that we would win but we didn’t. They didn’t  give up so they kept on trying and trying. Adventually they scored a goal. We were not happy so we tryed and tryed but they were too good so they scored another.
Our next game was against Atlantic and we scored eight goals and they scored one. Then we were really happy because our rating was two wins and one loss. The next game was against Harlan and they were really bad but they won because they pulled on our shirts when the referee wasn’t paying attention.
My stepdad was not really happy but no really mad because he went to Harlan and he knows how they play. Then we went to the riverside field to play against a select team. My team was really scared because they were a select team that basically means they are good. But before the game started they my team played tag.
When the game started we were really happy. Blake stated in the net insted of me because he was better than me. When the game stated Kyle, Gabe, and Jordyn ran down the field and scored a goal. We were really happy because we thought they were good but they weren't.
I am going out for soccer when I get in highschool, but when I go out I hopefully will play goalie. The soccer team will hopefully go to state soccer for the first time. That will be really good.
Football isn’t my most favorite sport but I will play it again. I used to play center but I was really bad. So I quit. But everybody tried and tried to get me to go out for football. But I said I wouldn’t do it because I thought I was really bad. But next year when I am in ninth grade I might play football. But if I am really bad I will probably quit.
I was not so good at baseball either, but I had a really good arm. I played third base and left field. Every time I caught the ball I jumped just like a little bit so the ball would jump out my glove. It was the last out and if this kid said he was out we would win the game. The ball went straight to me and I did as I usually did I jumped so the ball went out my glove and I lost the game from my team. I got made fun of so much so I quit. My dad wants me to go out but I won't because he won't be able to watch any of my games.
My dad also says that I could be really good. But I won't do it.
I play golf but it isn’t my favorite. I have a new set of golf clubs, I got them two years ago. I played in a tournament last year I got third. I was really happy because that was my first medal that I won in golf.  

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  1. Kris, I really liked this ppow because it talked about all of our soccer games. This ppow brings back lots of funny things that we did in games and also at practice. I can't wait to start playing soccer again.


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