Wednesday, May 20, 2015

April ppow

Fight Night

There was a time there was a boy named Charlie his twin brother was Tommy they had so much fun together that they thought they were inseparable until  Charlie and Tommy started doing boxing they got so good that they were both undefeated and when they got older they separated and never seen each other again until they both made it into the UFC they fought other people until Tommy had to fight Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar was winning at start until Tommy's brother came to the match and trip Brock to the ground at first Tommy didn’t know what to do but his bro was in his corner and he was trying to help Tommy but it was too late Brock got up and slamed tommy so hard he died and his brother charlie got out the the fighting arena and saw Brock Lesnar and charlie ran up to him and hit him square in the face and the new crew taped the  footage  and charlie was winning the fight but brock hit charlie so hard he fell but it didn’t stop charlie he got right back up and started to throw some hand intel the new cast and brock's corner crew had to get charlie off of him the UFC owner was so impressed that he gave charlie a day to prove how good he his to be able to fight in the UFC but he was going to fight his idale Anderson Silva but charlie didn’t care at this point and fought Anderson of course in most stories there are happy ending but this isn’t one of them. Charlie indeed win but he only won 20 fights and all those were against Anderson silva intell one day the UFC manager ask charlie who he wanted to fight and Charlie said “brock lesnar.”
The UFC manager said “In two weeks for you can get prepared”
charlie said “Ok sir”
so in charlie's gym he was sparing with mayweather  but he didn’t like mayweather because he alwaysed hugged when he was losing so charlie was going to make fun of mayweather ad charlie said “Do you want me to get Barney he likes hugging too”.
That made mayweather mad and a little upset and he hit charlie right across his face and charlie said “That more like it if you fight like that you can be really good.”

Even though mayweather is undefeated all because he hughes but he tried out the idea of how he hit charlie he won without hugging and dedicated his wins to charlie and they became best friends. but it was time for charlie and brock lesnar to fight charlie was so confident he was going to win that he put all his money on the table for this match but win the bell rang to fight brock lesnar hit charlie with a spinning back fist and when charlie was stunned brock lesnar hit him with a superman punch  but brock mest up the move and missed charlie and charlie was hitting him like no other with superman punches with kicks and with spinning back fist but brock caught one of those punches and got charlie in an armbar and charlie didn’t know what to do intel he thought of his brother and all instincts in his body and grabbed his hand in the armbar and picked his arm up and slamed brock to the ground and knocked him out but charlie became dizzy and dozed off and he woke up in the hospital finding out from his dad that he can not walk but that didn’t stop charlie to try to walk and charlie started to walk again so when he went to the his gym he started training for his arrival back into the UFC but the manager said that he couldn’t fight nomore and said that charlie's dad requested him not to fight anymore and said the only way to fight again is to get his dad to approve of it. Charlie’s dad approved of him going back and then when brock lesnar found out he was back he got so mad because it reminded him of his tie with charlie and he wanted to claim that he was stronger than charlie so he requested to fight charlie to find out who is the best of the best but befor the fight his dad had a heart attack and died and he was the only kid in his family that was alive until after the fight but lets talk about the match first the match was long and hard for both of the fighters but both didn’t give up but there was a weakness charlie found on brock lesnar that if he hits him on the left side he get hurt a lot faster but brock gave out a sure to win burst of fight but there was only three seconds left to fight and brock messed charlie because of how tierd he was and in one second left charlie hit brock and knocked him out and there was a dead silence in the crowded because everyone in the crowded for sure thought brock was going to win but then charlie one fan started to clap and then the hole arena started to cheer for charlie but for some reason charlie did not win because the judges put money down for brock lesnar that they rigged the fight up and gave the win to lesnar but the crowed and the fans at home watching it new that the real winner was charlie and when charlie step foot outside every fan that came to see charlie and say congratulations for that win  but to charlie on girl stuck out from all the rest and that girl was Rebecca and they live together and had to twin boy but 10 years after their sons were born charlie found out that she only wanted the money and got divorced and  got custody of the twin boy and his twin boys were soon to become UFC fighter but I am not going to spoil part to for you lets just say they both are good at what they do as for charlie he becomes a lot happier knowing that he will be remembered as the young blood of the century and he find a new girlfriend but this one doesn't want harlie for his money and charlie and his new family lives happily ever after the end.                      

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