Friday, May 22, 2015


One Ordinary Night
Just as it always happened, two girls, Rachel and Mary, were going to stay at one of their houses this weekend.  They always stayed at each other’s houses.  The two girls were the best of friends. They always had a blast when they were together.
This weekend was going to be like any other weekend,  as so they thought.  The girls rode the bus to Rachel’s house that Friday.  Rachel lived on a farm north of town that was five miles from the highway.  They got off the bus, took their stuff inside and grabbed a quick snack before they headed outside.  They had to go check on the animals and make sure everyone was all right so Rachel wouldn’t get yelled at by her dad.  As they were walking out to the shed to get the gator, they heard something.  They stopped to listen, but they didn’t hear it again.  As the were pulling the gator out, they saw a shadow, but they thought it was just their own.  They didn’t really think much of it.  When they were done, they headed inside to get ready.  They were going to a bonfire that night about a mile away from their house.  
Once they were all ready to go, they asked Rachel’s dad, “Can we take the gator to the bonfire?”
He said, “As long as you’re very careful and don’t mess around with it when you get there.”
“We will be careful, Dad, and we won’t mess around,” Rachel said.
The girls headed out the door and went down the road on the gator.  They showed up at the party just in time.  Everyone else was just arriving as well.  They got out and stood by a group of their friends who were eating hotdogs, so they decided to grab one too.  After everyone ate, they all separated and played games.  Rachel and Mary got some of their friends together and went and talked by the gator.  Rachel thought it would be a good idea for them to leave and go hang out at her house, so the six of them all got on the gator and left.  
When they got to her house, they parked the gator and Rachel went and told her parents that they were going to hang out outside for a little bit.  They all went and sat on her trampoline to talk.  After awhile they got bored and wanted to do something.  They decided to play ghost in the grave yard.  Rachel and Mary were it first.  When they were done counting, they headed to the shed.   
On their way, Mary turned to Rachel and said, “Did you hear that?”
Rachel stuttered and said, “No, wait that noise?”
“Yeah, that!” exclaimed Mary.
The girls walked closer to where they thought they heard the noise.  They stood there for a little bit thinking that they would move again.  
All of a sudden someone yelled, “Ghost in the graveyard run, run, run!”
Mary and Rachel saw someone and ran at them.  They got really close and tagged them.  Everyone else came running out of the shed too.  Rachel and Mary tagged everyone.  Everyone was tired, so they stood there for a second.  Todd, one of the guys, saw a shadow moving.  Everyone looked around to see who was missing.  
Rachel said, “What is that? I don’t think it’s my dog.  That shadow is way too big to be my dog.”
“Maybe someone from the bonfire came over,” said Todd.
Mary said, “Maybe.”
They all started to walk closer to the object.  Suddenly Rachel stopped.  
She whispered, “Maybe we should try and scare it.”
They started out again, but this time went to the back of the shed.  They were sneaking along the backside when they heard a big crunch.   They all jumped and looked at each other.  
Rachel asked, “Who was that?”
Will, who was the last one in the line, said, “None of us did that.”
They continued to walk towards the figure and see it better, but still had no idea who it was.  They keep sneaking up closer, then suddenly the figure turned and faced them.  They all shrieked in terror.  The man was a stranger and didn’t look the friendliest.
“Who are you?” questioned Rachel.
“Why do you want to know?” asked the man.
Rachel shrieked, “Because you are in my shed!”
“How long have you been in here?” asked Mary.
The man said, “ A few days.”
Will whispered to Todd, “Let’s get out of here.”

Todd nudged Mary and pointed out of the shed.  They all started running, and when they got the the door of the shed the man was standing in front of them.  He pushed them all back in the shed and shut the door behind him.  

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