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The Badlanders by Madie Bruns

The Badlanders

January 25, 2014

Claire sat quietly in the back of the classroom listening to her teacher lecture on and on about how to multiply xb times yw. Claire didn’t even bother to pay attention anymore. She was graduating in a year, and she had all her credits. There was obviously no point. The only thing that would stick in her mind was the hands on the clock.
Claire looked at the student next to her, snoring away. A puddle of drool under him. She had a thought of falling asleep herself, but it was no use against the surrounding noises. She glanced one more time at the clock, realizing that she still had ten minutes of just sitting there. She rested her head on her arm and tried closing her eyes, but the light from the window was just too much.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the bell rang through the classroom. One step out of the doorframe and it was like being released from prison on good behavior. Claire weaved around the sea of teenagers and managed to find her locker. She unlocked it and pulled out her backpack. After shoving her math book back under the messy pile of papers, she closed it.
“Hurry up, Claire,” Heather said, leaning on the locker next to Claire’s. Heather was Claire’s, almost, only friend in school. They had been friends since kindergarten.
“Hold on,” Claire replied, “I have to put this away.” She swung her bag over her shoulder and closed her locker.
“I’m done, jez,” Claire laughed.
They pushed the front doors open and began their long walk home. The best part of having a neighbor, is your neighbor being your best friend. Without Heather, Claire’s walk home would have been dreaded.
The walk was like any other one. The trees surrounded the girls as they stepped off onto the ‘Nowhere Road’ as some called it. It was the ‘Nowhere Road’ because, well, it lead nowhere. Just far enough to show two little houses, turn to dirt, and fade into the woods. There were always tales about the woods. About monsters, or murders, or something else that was too scary for a couple of girls.
The most popular story, was of a brother and sister who wandered into the woods, and never came back. To this day, no one has ever seen them. Along with that story, is the story of the tearless mother. It says the mother of the two children would look outside for them everyday for three years, until she died of sadness and longing.

August 23, 1786
“Tommy, wait!” Abigail whined, trying her hardest to keep up with her brother.
“Common, Abigail!” Tommy laughed. Abigail stopped and screamed. Her dress was caught on a low branch.
“Tommy, help me!” She screamed. Her brother rushed to her side and helped her pri off the branch.
“You don’t have to act like you’re dying,” Tommy remarked. “Common, let’s go exploring.” Tommy started to walk threw the trees with Abigail close at his side.
“Tommy, where are we going?” Abigail said shakily. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something glistening in the distance.
“Do you see that, Abigail?” He asked inching towards in.
“What, Tommy?”
“That, thing, shimmering in the distance.” He stepped closer.
“What is that, Tommy?”
“I don’t know, but stay close.” They both stepped towards the light. Inch by inch. Afraid that this light might hurt them. They took one more step and they could see. They could see, inside the light.
“Tommy,” Abigail sighed in awe, “what is it?” Tommy took a deep breath.
“Let’s find out.” They both jumped into the light, and never came back out.

January 25, 2014
“Claire, don’t be such a baby,” Heather whined, poking her head back into the trees.
“What if the stories are true, Heather. What if we never come back from a simple walk in the woods.”
“That’s not going to happen, Claire. Now, common, if we start now, we should be back in time to go home and eat.” Heater took a step into the branches. The leaves and twigs crunched under her sneakers.
“Fine,” Claire groaned following closely.
They trudged through the underbrush. After a few minutes of walking they started to feel as if they had gotten lost.
“Claire, which way did we come from?” Heather asked fearfully.
“I don’t know,” Claire said. “Let’s go this way.” They continued in the direction that Claire had pointed to. They walked for a few more minutes before something caught Heather’s eye.
“Do you see that?” She whispered.
“The stories were true. About the lights.” Claire replied. They were scared as to what it was, but, they couldn’t stop themselves from getting closer. Like it was pulling them. Then they were standing over it.
“Wow,” Heather sighed. “Let’s go.” Before she could step into the light Claire pulled her back.
“What?! Are you crazy?!” She said.
“Maybe we can find those kids, and bring them back.” Heather argued.
“What if we get lost like they did? Besides, that was over two hundred years ago, they won’t be there.”
“Common, Claire. We can go, drop something in the spot we came from, and find that thing when we’re ready to go home. Simple. Don’t be scared.”
“I’m not scared.” Claire huffed crossing her arms.
“Then, common.” Claire loosened her arms. “Thank you.” Heather smiled. With that they jumped.
Claire opened her eyes. They were flooded with a harsh bright light. She turned her head and began to look for Heather.
“Heather?” Her voice echoed through the empty wasteland that she had found herself in. She looked around for her friend but only saw sand and hills. Then, she saw a figure coming towards her, waving at her.
“Claire!” She heard from the distance.
“Heather?!” She questioned back, running to her friend.
“Why are you clear over here?” Heather laughed breathlessly.
“Why were you clear over there?” Claire replied. Claire looked above her to try and locate the place in which they had entered, but there was nothing there. All she could see was, space. The stars and the planets.
“Where are we?” Heather asked.
“Wherever those kids were. Let’s go find a way out.” Claire said. They began walking in whatever direction they thought was north. They only came across endless sand. The weird thing about this dessert was, it wasn’t hot, or cold. Almost everything about this place was strange and out of place.
Claire and Heather were about to give up when something else caught their eyes. It was in the close distance. What looked to be a, city? They looked at each other and started to walk towards it. They walked for a shorter time than they expected, and to their surprize, this wasn’t a mirage, it was an actual city.
“Why is there a city in the middle of a place like this?” Claire asked.
“I have no idea.” They took another step closer and the steel gates in front of them opened.

To Be Continued…….


  1. Great story! The story is very good and well done.

  2. Great story, you did a tremendous job. You should continue writing stories when you get older.


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