Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Nights At Freddy’s 4

When Mikey went home he didn’t see doll home. he went all around the house to find her. He went into the back room. She was sleeping on the bed and he smiled at her. He went back out into the living room and watched tv. The tv went blank and everything was about to start over. Out of nowhere the phone rings and he said “Hello?” The person didn’t reply. When mikey walked into the back he seen something holding his girlfriend.
“LET HER GO!” Mikey yelled at the thing holding her. It was Freddy but different and he was shocked. As soon as Mikey seen the creature it disappeared into the air. Mikey realized that Five Nights At Freddy’s is not over. Mikey ran to Doll and she wasn’t breathing.
“Doll? Doll please wake up!!” Mikey didn’t know what to do. He ran outside and screamed into the air. Doll had died that night and Mikey wasn’t happy at all.  He went to barrie Doll, but Doll woke up and screamed.
“DOLL?!” Mikey was shocked. Doll looked at him in confusion. She got up and started to walk by him and she wondered why she was going to be buried.
“Mikey?” She asked slowly and as kind as she could. “Doll?! you must understand I thought you was dead, but you're alive so im fine forget the whole barring you.”
“Mikey? I wasn’t dead, I was unconscious for a while.” She stared to walk away when he grabbed her hand.
“Doll,” He started to cry as he was talking to her. “I didn’t know, I thought you died.” Spring Foxy came out of hiding at looked at him in the eyes and Mikey didn’t move.
“ARG! Is in it Mikey? Long time but it’s time for you to die.” Spring Foxy ran to them and Doll pushed Mikey out of the way and Spring Foxy bit her badly. Mikey had a tear running down his face when he heard Doll scream in pain.
“Mikey you're next, you can run but you can’t hide!” Spring Foxy ran in the same place as Mikey did. Mikey hide under a bed that was in the building. Spring Foxy came in and looked under the bed and pulled him out.
“Foxy! You're making a mistake I’m your friend!” Mikey could feel his neck get tighter and tighter. As Spring Foxy was choking Mikey, Doll jumped on Spring Foxy and they both landed on the ground.
“Doll!!” As Mikey started to run to her Spring Foxy had the hook in her neck and Spring Foxy threw her across the yard. Mikey started to run away and then Spring Bonnie came out and jumped in front of Spring Foxy.
“Spring Bonnie?! GET OUT OF MY WAY!” Foxy tried to hook Spring Bonnie but missed and Spring Bonnie took his arm and ripped it off. Spring Foxy laid on the ground in pain.
“Spring Bonnie what was that for?!?!?!” Spring Foxy cried. Spring Bonnie picked him up and hold Spring Foxy down at the same time. Bonnie looked him in the eyes and screamed. Spring Foxy laid his guard down and looked down with a sad face.
“I’m sorry lass, It wasn’t me trying to kill you.” Spring Foxy said nicely. Mikey looked at him with confusion.
“If it wasn’t you then who was it?” Mikey turned around and “she” was behind him. Mikey looked shocked and then “she” went inside him. Mikey’s eyes turned blackish red.
“Hello, Do you remember me?” She was looking at them. Spring Foxy tried to run away but she used some weird power and Spring Foxy went flying.
“Trying to get away, already? We haven’t even get to chat.” she grabbed poor Spring Foxy and took him to Spring Bonnie to the table that was outside.
“What is this?” Spring Bonnie said as he sat down. She looked at him and smiled.
“Oh nothing Spring Bonnie, just something i planned for us.” Spring Bonnie looked at Mikey which was “her” inside of him.
“Let Mikey go!” Spring Bonnie commanded. She looked at him with anger in his/her eyes. Finally she let him let.
“B-b-bonnie?” Mikey was weak from her taking all of his strength. Spring Freddy came out and looked at him and grabbed him.
“Thank you Spring Foxy and Bonnie!” Freddy walked away with Mikey in his arms. Spring Foxy and Bonnie were bowing to him and followed to the old place. When they got there they sat Mikey down. Mikey looked next to him to see jeremy in the same condition as him.
“Jeremy!” Mikey was shocked. But Spring Freddy knocked out Mikey.

To Be Continue...  

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