Wednesday, May 20, 2015

April PPOW

Life is weird;
Life is stupid.
Life is crazy;
Life is funny.
Life is sad;
Life brings you hope.
Life brings you tears;
Life brings you friends.
Life brings to fear;
Life brings success.
Life brings failure;
Life brings peace.
Life brings hated;
Life brings happiness.
Life brings war;
Life is all about the people around you.
Friendship is one of the little things in life;
Someone hurts you they have your back.
When your having a bad day;
They’ve got your back.
They are always there for you when you need them to be.
They are there day and night.
Your friends will never leave you hanging.
Family isn’t just about getting along.
Its not just about being together;
Its not just about living together;
Its not just about seeing them all the time.
Its about the love that we share;
Love is the what brings a family closer together.
Some are fun;
Some are boring.
Some are hard;
Some are easy.
But sports are sports;
and like Jordan always says “ball is life.”
Food is good;
Food is bad.
Some foods are sweet;
Some are salty.
Some are biter;
But food is food.
Music is a way people get happy;
Music is sad but it is there.
Music is there when no one else is;
It is the only thing people will listen too.
Music gives people power;
Music gives people inspiration.
Music is the inspiration this world needs.
The World
This is a cruel world;
This world is nice.
Also mean;
This world is loving.
also hated;
This world needs to grow up
But it never will.
Maycee is the Best
Maycee is my best friend;
We have our ups and downs.
But that never changes anything;
Maycee is a very fun person to be around.
She is crazy, weird, and we both have dumb ideas.
I’m so glad that I’m friends with Maycee.
This poem is not the best;
It is not great.
It’s not the worst thing I ever wrote;
But this poem in a way makes sense.
This poem is for my friends and family;
Here is my poem hope you liked it.

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