Friday, May 22, 2015

The Lo Chang Legacy

This is a story about a man who has done things beyond stupid and weird, but the thing that was most stupid is what this story is be about. It was a sunny morning with the birds about and a asian man with sunglasses a shirt that had the american dream on the front of it and he was staring out into the distance it was Lo Chang. With confidence he drove to his job at BBC. After that he went home thinking it was a great idea to visit his neighbor. When he went over to his neighbor he noticed something that he had been wanting for years ever since he was a child.
His neighbor asks if he wants anything to eat. He quickly refuses and waits for his neighbor to go and grab food for himself. He looks at the object he had been wanting it was a million dollar figure of Bill Gates, the best part was it was also a bobble head. As he grabs it, the neighbor turns around the corner and notices him stealing it. He drops the plate full of snakes and the drink in his left hand.
The neighbor says aloud, “I have no idea why I was so willing to let you in.” He bolted to Lo Chang and Lo Chang also started bolting. Lo Chang ran outside immediately going to his house and locking the door. His neighbor screamed, “You're dead to me!”
Lo Chang responded saying, “Come at me boro.” His asian accent made it so he couldn't say bro efficiently.
“Just wait until the cops come!”
“You ain’t got nothin on me!” 15 minutes later the cops arrive.
They scream through the megaphone, “Put down the Bills Gates figure out front now or we will use force.”
One of youngest officers whispers, “This is just silly. Why would something like this ever be worth that much?”
“Its Bill Gates bro.”
“I will not say this again, come out now or we will bring force!”Lo Chang walks outside with his hands up and the figure in his hands.“Drop the figure!” Lo Chang takes his clothes off and starts running with the figure. All the cops are shocked. They just stare in amazement and get in their cars.
“Thats one crazy man,” says one officer. Lo Chang decides to go on the road and wave his hands in front of a car.
Then the person in the car which appeared to be a women got out and said, “What is wrong with you?” He pushed her out of the way and hopped in the car.
“Did a asian man with only boxers on push you on the ground?”
“Yes, like he just stood in front of the car and I got out and then he pushed me. Then he took my car, like who does that?”
“Thats all mam, thank you.” A high speed chase went into role with a helicopter hovering over them. Eventually Lo Chang came to a stop when hitting a McDonalds. He was instantly arrested. Now all that was left was court.
He was sentenced to life in prison. He was then known as the world's dumbest criminal. His next idea was to escape prison. His stupid ideas kept rolling in throughout that day. He also had a inmate with the name of Ray Rice, he was in prison for abuse.
When Lo Chang walked in he said, “Sup dawg”.
Ray Rice was ten times his everything.Lo Chang looked at him and was amazed. Lo Chang was only a small middle aged asian man trying to fit in the the kids now in days and Ray Rice was a man 5’8 and 212 pounds. Not that much bigger than Lo Chang in height, but bigger in just about everything else. Lo Chang didn’t respond he just sat there amazed.
“You going to say something or not dawg?”
“Yea, sup boro.” Lo Chang got the idea the he could use Ray Rice to help him escape. “Hey you up for getting out of this place man?”
“Yea dawg, but when and how we goin’ to do this jizz?” Lo Chang whispers in his ear the plan.
“We are going to need to get the guards key first.”
“Now how we going to do that.”
“You will take down the guard.”
“Alright, alright I dig it.”
“Then we escape from there.”
“What if other guards notice?”
“You take them out.”
“Alright lets do this.” They wait till night to start there escape. When night comes Lo Chang wakes Ray Rice and then the guard turns around and notices us awake
“Hey Ray Rice, is it cool if I get a autograph?”
“Sure dawg. I just need you to open this up real quick alright wait till the camera turns and don't tell the guards about this.” The prison door opens and the guard is instantly slapped to the ground right after.
“Alright lets go dawg.” They have a perfect opening to escape. It was like a cartoon came alive. They sprinted as fast as they could down to the prison wall and hoped over it and ran into the sunset to later go to prison again. The end.


  1. This was a really funny PPOW. It made me laugh when the girl started talking.

  2. I really liked this story, It was really funny when he crashed into the McDonalds. I thought it was kind of rude when you mentioned Ray Rice and his "issues." Good job!!

  3. This is an extremely funny PPOW. How did you come up with these characters. My favorite character is Ray Rice.

  4. This was a very funny PPOW. It was full of action, silliness, and grammatical errors.


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