Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 AM Thoughts

3 AM Thoughts
“And maybe I love that sadness,
more than I’ll ever love myself.”
That’s a quote
from a person,
that I’ll never know.
Oh well.
I put it in my poem,
because it described just how I felt,
and I wanted everyone to know it,
because I never ever show it.
Odd future wolf gang,
is where I really know it.
I got a lot of problems,
and there all unstoppable.
Trying to understand me
is very impossible.
I’m unsolvable.
Make me mad,
and I’ll break your bone fossil,
and I’ll put you in the hospital.
Then when I’m done
I’ll be laughing,
Cause it’s comical.
and don’t say I’m adorable,
when I’m mad.
I’ll grab your eye sockets,
and throw it at your dad.
Just kidding.
I’m just a rad, sad, bad girl,
Who needs help,
going to the underworld.
I was never that girly girl,
who curled her hair everyday.
I was always the one,
that tried to stay away.
Made my mom so stressed,
that her hair turned grey,
While she was so overweight.
And oh my gosh,
I hate Monday’s.
Not to mention,
I do nothing on holidays.
My life is like
a suicidal replay.
Nothing is
Gonna be,
That’s why,
sometimes, I sit down,
and pray.
That maybe
one day, my life
would change,
and be great.
Wait until my heart stops,
And meet me
at the golden gates.
I sleep late.
I used to create dreams,
that made me debate,
weather I was awake or not.
So I’ve decided that dreams are real,
and reality is not.
What you guys call life
to me is
My grades dropped
just like gravity.
Punch you in the mouth,
so hard,
you get a cavity.
My attitude is
Dont judge me,
or I’ll have to use


1 comment:

  1. I really liked your poem. I liked the way you can express your emotions, and show how you feel through your words. I loved the way you started your poem with a quote because its different; different it good. Overall, you write amazing poetry, and I loved this PPOW.


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