Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Breaking Away

I walked out of the dark alleyway that was stained with my victim’s blood. I had just killed another person; they were targeted by my client. I’m an Assassin. The people around town call me The Black Angel because I dress in all black; when I run it looks like I’m flying through the air.
My name is Yami. That means darkness. My past is dark, and I don’t think my future is that bright either. My parents… they were murdered in front of me. I was taken and tortured. The people who took me, trained me to be the perfect assassin. I was the most skilled because my father had taught me some stuff in self defence, but that’s the past now.
I continued to walk out of the alleyway that’s when I heard shouting. Shoot I left to late! I thought.
“Quick! Over here! He’s getting away!” One of the men yelled. One more thing: no one knows my identity, so that also means they don’t know my gender. I’m actually a girl. I scoffed.
“Hey, stop!” Another man yelled. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to kill more people than needed today I thought sighing. I quickly got into the shadows and hid.
“Hey, where'd he go?” I listened carefully and heard the sounds of three men walking my way.
“They weren’t kidding when they said that you would only see him for a second,” one of the men said laughing.
“That’s not good!” one man shouted.
“Why not?” another one asked.
“If you see him and he disappears, next thing you know, you're dead!” I chuckled darkly at the thought. They must have heard it because now they were shaking. I hid in the shadows as I approached them from behind. I swiftly killed one of the men while the other two were busy arguing about me and where I was. I took out my daggers and took out the two men at the same time.
I quickly ran out of the alley and jumped up on some crates. I easily climbed up on the roofs and started running on them quickly and quietly. Moments have passed and I jumped off the roofs and onto the empty cobblestone streets. I made my way to the safehouse that I was assigned to by my kidnappers.
“Hey Tenma, I’m back!” I called out to the person who was assigned here with me.
“Yami, how’d the job go?” Tenma asked.
“It got my hands dirty a little more than I wanted to,” I said sighing.
“What happened?”
“You know, the usual, killed the target, got chased by three men, killed the men without them seeing me,”
“You could’ve just ran away, you blend with the shadows. I don’t see why you didn’t let them be.”
“They called me a guy and that irritated me,” I retorted. Tenma looked at me and then burst out laughing.
“Well, they wouldn’t call you a guy if you didn’t cut your hair as short as you did,” he said laughing.
“Well sorry, I didn’t think that cutting my hair short so it didn’t get in my way during a contract was against the rules!” I was irritated. Tenma and I met when I was eight, and he was ten. We became best friends during the cruel torture we got put through. He would comfort me and tell me it will all be okay. We became full fledged assassins at the age of twelve. I’ve been an assassin for two years, which put me at the age of fourteen at the moment. Tenma is sixteen.
“Don’t worry, it’s not,” he said in a smart alecky way that made me want to punch him.
“Anyway, I should probably report my job to Raikou.” Tenma visibly flinched when I said his name. He knew I would be getting punishment for killing people who weren't meant to be killed.
“Be careful and don’t say anything that would get you killed,” he said worryingly.
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my smart replies locked away in my mind,” I said as I walked out of the room and into the hallway. Okay, I’m going to be respectful and try not to get myself killed I thought as I knocked on Raikou’s door. I heard a “Come in” from the other side of the door. I took a deep breath and walked in.
“I’ve come to report my contract as a success,” I told him.
“Did you kill anyone extra?” he asked in a menacing tone.
“Y-yes three men, they saw me and I had no choice,” I stuttered a bit because he scares me.
“Oh really? You do know what is going to happen next, don’t you?”
“Yes Raikou, I-I understand,” I said shaking a little.
“Good, now I’m fairly busy right now so get Tenma to do it,” he said as I walked out. You see, if you kill more than the target you have to be put into a fighting ring with someone that has done the same. Other words a fight to the death.
“Tenma, Raikou’s too busy to arrange the fight so he told me to get you to do it,” I said sighing.
“Yami, I’ll try to get you an easy fight, okay.”
“No, do it right, I’ll be able to handle myself and besides it was my fault.” He sighed and walked over to the phone.
“Go get ready, I’ll schedule one for tonight.”
“Okay, don’t do anything to get yourself put into that death cage.” I left the living room and walked down the hallway to my room. I walked to the bathroom connecting to my room. I took a shower and ended up with only an hour to get ready for the fight. I quickly pulled on my black leather pants and a black shirt. I slipped on a black hoodie and walked out. I got to the door and put on my black combat boots.
“Tenma, let’s go.”
“Alright, I set you up with The White Demon, from what I was told, she’s good.”
“I can handle her, I’ve seen her work; she’s not that impressive.” It was silent the rest of the way. I was about to walk through the doors when Tenma stopped me.
“Yuki, when you're done, I want you to escape.” I was surprised. He knows my real name. Yuki, was the name given to me by my parents, but when I was captured and tortured they gave me a new name: Yami, meaning darkness.
“Tenma, you can’t call me Yuki, that’s not my name anymore.”
“Don’t, just… let me call you Yuki okay? This might be the last time I see you,” he said sadly.
“Don’t be stupid, I’ll beat her and I’ll see you when I’m done, and besides, even if I don’t win I’ll be out of this cruel world.”
“The world may be cruel, but it’s also very beautiful, just survive and meet me here so we can escape… together.”
“Tenma… okay, we’ll escape together!”
“Go, your fight’s about to start.” I left him to go to the death cage. When I walked in, I saw something I never wanted to see in this cage. I didn’t think that this particular person was still alive.
“Hanna…” I whispered.
“Yuki…” She showed me a deathly sweet smile. “Too bad this a death match… I would’ve loved to catch up with my older sister.”  

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