Friday, May 22, 2015

Months- April PPOW

The snow will blow,
And the grass won’t grow.
We pray for no more snow,
but it continues to fall below.

The second month,
And also the shortest of the year.
Valentines Day is here,
And love starts to appear.

Groundhog Day lies on the second;
We will see when spring begins.
Every third Monday of February
Presidents Day takes place.

The month of March
Has just blown in
To say that spring
Will soon begin.

St. Patricks day arrives
And is filled with luck.
Wear green on this day
or it will suck.                                                                                                                            

Rain falls from the sky,
And I hold my umbrella up high.
When the Sun starts to glow,
The flowers start to grow.

Out comes the Easter Bunny;
He’s here to hide your eggs.
When Earth Day comes around,
people pick up around their town.

May is the month
Of sunshine and flowers.
Birds in their nests.
And one or two showers.

The Sun is warm,
And the wind is chill.
Spring is so beautiful,
it gives us thrill.

Long green weeks
that never end.
School is out,
And time is ours to spend.

We go to baseball games,
and watch them swing.
The pool is open
And the birds sing.

The fourth of July,
Red, white, and blue.
A memory of independance,
With fireworks and flags too.

School begins,
And days get longer.
Leaves start to fall,
And trees stand tall.

August brings sheaves of corn,
And farmers start to harvest crops.

Warm September brings the fruit,
And hunters begin to shoot.
Shadows start to appear,
And days become more clear.

Out come the pheasants,
And animals go into hibernation;
Hiding in a dark location.

Finally Halloween arrives,
Children flood the streets in costumes,
And teens stay in their rooms,

Nights come early,
And the sunrise comes late.
Snow falls by the gate,
And winter comes fairly.

Thanksgiving takes place.
Family and friends give thanks,
With effortless grace.

The snow drifts down from the sky;
It sparkles and shines.
It keeps snowing through the night,
All bright and white.

Christmas is here,
But soon it will disappear.
People get presents,

And here comes a new year.

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  1. Your poetry is absolutely amazing. I like how you thought of something unique to write about. When most people write poetry, it is mostly about the seasons. The diversity between all the months makes the poetry so exciting to read. You should defiantly write more because it is great!


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