Wednesday, May 20, 2015



My favorite sport is soccer. My team mate’s are Cj, Blake, Kyle, Gabe M, Jordyn, Sidney, Zach, Courtney, Maxx, Lucas, Rayden, and Dakota. Our first game we played Atlantic. I started in the net. Blake, Kyle, Jordyn, and Gabe started in forward. Cj, Sidney, and Maxx started in front of me.  We started with the ball and we scored right away. Blake scored the first goal. The score was one to zero.
Kyle got another goal a little bit later. I basically didn’t have to do anything. Gabe scored a goal. The score was three to zero. Blake scored another goal. The atlantic team ran up the side of the field and almost scored a goal. But me being so good of a goalie I am, I stopped it.
Blake got another goal right after I threw the ball up to him. Then Kyle scored a goal again. the score was five to zero. Then the half ended so the team went to the side. My step dad started telling us what we should do. After that we went back out on the field. The people that started at the beginning started in the same spot. Atlantic started with the ball. They got halfway down the field then Derek ran up and took the ball.
Gabe got the ball and ran up a scored. The score was six to zero. Atlantic started with the ball after gabe scored and tried to go to get a goal but they didn’t. Kyle ran up and scored another goal. Atlantic got the ball and ran down the field and Zach stopped the ball and gave it to Blake, he scored a goal. Erik told me and Sidney to switch. I ran up to her spot. When she got ready Erik told me to move up to forward. Then Blake got another goal.
The score was sight to zero. The Atlantic team got the ball and went all the way to the net. Blake got the ball and scored again. the score is nine to zero. After that Gabe got the ball and scored again. The score is ten to zero. They kicked the ball up into Kyle’s hand in the box. So Atlantic got a PK which means penalty kick. Atlantic went for the PK. Sidney didn’t tell anyone that the gloves that she was wearing were too big. When the person kicked ball.
Sidney went the right way. She touched the ball but the gloves were too big. The finger bent back and the ball went in the net. The score is ten to one. Then we started with the ball. Blake was running down the field and tried to get me a goal. He tried many times but I was at the wrong place at the right time.
Then the game ended with the score ten to zero. We won the game. Then after that almost everyone went to go eat at Pizza Ranch. When I got done we went back to the field. We had to face Riverside next. Riverside started with the ball. They gave the ball to Hunter which is one of their best players. He tried and tried to get the ball in the net but he didn’t.
My step dad and my coach said, “You should move the back line up so there is no open space there.
“Ok,” I replied.
Then I yelled to the people in front of me. They did as told, but the Riverside team is a really great team. Lucas kept going on the left side of the field where he should be but he is too far out.
“Lucas get closer to me,” I told him.
Hunter ran down with the ball and passed it to Aj. Aj is another good player for the Riverside team. Aj kicked the ball in the net right pass me. I got so mad. I threw the ball as far as I could to the middle. I kicked the pole. The score is one to zero. The Riverside team is winning.
Then Blake got the ball. He passed the ball to Jordyn. Jordyn passed the ball to Gabe, and Gabe passed the ball to Blake. Blake shot the ball and it went in. The score is one to one. We are tied. Then Hunter got mad and tried to dribble the ball threw everyone. Which did not work out.
Blake got the ball and ran as fast as he could to the net. He shot and the goalie stopped the ball. Blake was furious. The goalie kicked the ball to the middle and gave it to Hunter. He ran to me and tried to score but he didn’t Cj jumped in the way of the shot.
Half time ended and the score one to one. We got the ball at the end of the beak. Gabe touched the ball and Blake ran up the field. Blake passed it to Kyle. Kyle passed it to Jordyn. Jordyn passed it to Gabe. gabe passed it to Rayden.
“Pass the ball,” Gabe yelled.
“I can’t,” rayden yelled back.
So Gabe ran up and helped Rayden. But Hunter got the ball.
“Go the the middle,” Hunter said to Aj.
So Aj did as told. Aj scored and the score is two to one. I got really mad.
“Courtney don't back up,” I yelled at Courtney.
So there Kyle ran up and got the ball. He went up the field and went to go get a goal. Then Kyle scored a goal. The score is two to two. At the end of the game. We tied.

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