Friday, May 22, 2015

March PPOW

Madison Simonsen
March 6, 2015
English 8-7


“Ceara Forening, Please come to the office.”
A deep voice said over the intercom, with no idea why I quickly shoved my things into my backpack and jumped up out of my seat. As I walk through the aisle of high schoolers I can feel the tired eyes watching as I make my way toward the door. I reach the door I turned the knob and opened the door there was a young man leaning against the far wall of the hallway.
He had brown hair that flowed to the left of his face and big blue eyes the color of the sea. He was wearing a navy blue short sleeve T-shirt that made his eyes pop. He had some light washed blue jeans on with holes in the knees and lower thighs. He had red sneakers with some black stripes going across them. He had a tattoo on his arm that said SEEKER in black ink. After he caught my eyes staring at his tattoo, he readjusted and the tattoo was buried in his shirt sleeve. In a quick motion I turned my head to the left and started walking. I knew he would be looking at me so I walked as fast as I could. I was almost to the door to the office and it swung open hard and out came my Psychology teacher.
“ Oh I am sorry didn’t mean to-”
I interrupted her, “ Its ok I was just going into the office.”  
Before I could finish the sentence she walked away fast with her head looking down to the ground. As she walked away I wonder why she swung the door open so hard. I walked through the door and there sitting at the desk to greet me was the secretary, Mrs. Hamilton. On the right in the waiting chairs was my mom.
“ Hey Mom what you doing here?” I asked
“ She is here to take you home.” Mrs. Hamilton said.
“ I am going to take you to Anna’s while me and your father go on a little vacation.” She explained to me as she stood up out of her chair.
“ Why?” I asked.
“ Me and your dad have some business to take care of.” she said.
It reminds me of the time when I was seven and I was left at my Gammy’s House for 11 months and 26 days. I remember that exactly because before they left the got my favorite meal at my favorite chinese place and when they got back I went there and ate.
Mrs. Hamilton said, “ You will have to sign her out.”
My mother grabbed a pin out of her purse and signed me out then we walked out. As we were walking through the hall I was nervous, the last time I went to Anna’s was when I was 13 and what if she doesn’t remember me or doesn’t want to take care of me.
“ So whats going on?” I asked.
“ I just think it would be good for you to spend some time with you big sister.” She explained.
“ What if I don’t want to see her,” I said
“ You don’t have a choice me and your father have something to take care of and we need you to be good and go to school, it will be like a regular month.”
“ A month!” I shouted. “ You're leaving for a month why do you guys do this I am your daughter I should spend time with you. I am almost 17 I am going to be going to college soon are you ever going to spend time with me!” I screamed.
“ Yes it is just-”
“ Just what you have some business I get that, but I think I am more important than business.” I screamed at her.
“ Honey you are very important to me and your father but I think it would be good if you just go to Anna’s and me and your father get this thing sorted out and then we can go back to the way it normally was.”
“ But my can’t I come with you.” I asked.
“ I wish you could but it won’t be very long and you have to go to school.” She explained.
On they way home I did not say a word. We got home and I went straight to my room and  then I packed all of my stuff into a bag. I walked up to my window and unlocked it. I looked out the window and there was man standing against the tree line behind my house. It looked like her was screaming into a phone. I opened the window to see what he was talking about. I heard a knock on my door and shut the window and walked away from it.
“ Hey you ready you go?” She questioned.
“ I guess” I said with a mad face.
“ Ok I will be in the car,” She said.
As she walked out of the room I ran over to the window and the man had vanished from the tree line 
and now almost right under my window. I looked at the door and the back at the window and he was gone.

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