Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Silent Death

Wendy stood there thinking what’s happening to us. She never moved until her dad walked outside with his gun. He got in his truck and drove away. She thought the worst. Is he going to kill someone? Is he going to kill himself? She sat in her dad’s chair. She looked frozen and scared. After a couple of hours, her dad drove up the driveway. She never got up until her dad walked in the door. She never asked any questions. She got up and watched him put his gun away. She looked at him, and he glared back. Most of the time that meant leave.
So she went upstairs to her bedroom. It was morning time, so she went downstairs to make her dad breakfast. If she doesn’t wake up at six, her dad beats her. However many minutes she sleeps in is how many times she gets hit. She got hit forty-five times. She was bruised and broken. So she was making pancakes, and her dad sat down reading the newspaper. He never says anything at the table. The family keeps to themselves. Never talking nor going places. The neighbors try talking, but never get a response. Then, they finally stopped trying to talk. When her dad was a child, he was always in trouble. Beating up kids and almost killing a boy when he was fourteen. He went to prison for two and a half years. Her parents fell in love in high school. She loved him until she found out he cheated on her.
He said, “It’s okay for me to cheat, but not for you.”
She let it go and forgot about it. The whole reason she’s gone or missing is because her mom cheated on her dad. They had a big fight, and her mom left. She never asked her dad where she went. She was too scared to even try. So after she was all done making breakfast, she went upstairs to clean. She made everything perfect. It’s Sunday, so she has nothing to do. The day went on, and she went to bed. She woke up in the morning, and she was scared. The police were in her room looking through her stuff. She instantly knew what was going on. Her mom was missing. The police are looking for her.
Her dad was mad at her, but he wasn’t the only one that was mad at her mom. In high school, her mom dated this other guy. They broke up because he never talked to her. Ever since they broke up he has been stalking her, and he’s been angry. He is the one that she had an affair with. She promised she would stay with him, but she didn’t. She went back on her word. She left him, and he said that he was going to hurt her. She was scared of both her husband and her ex. She never thought her would hurt her.
The police kept looking for stuff, and she went downstairs. She never said anything to her dad. She went upstairs when the police left her room. She got ready and went to school. Never talking to teachers or kids she goes home. The police left a long time ago, and she just wandered around the house. She went on with her day and went to bed. She got up in the morning and got ready for school. She was looking around when she went downstairs. No police.
She thought that was surprising. Her dad was already gone. She did whatever she wanted. She made blueberry pancakes because they’re her favorite. She didn’t care because her dad wasn’t here. She was about to leave for school when the phone rang. She ran over to the phone and picked it up. It was the police. They told her they found her mom. They said she was cut up into pieces. They found her in a barrel in a storage unit. The lease for it was in Wendys name. She started breathing heavy. Wendy froze and fell on the floor crying. She wouldn’t move off the floor. After the police kept saying her name, she finally hung up the phone. She walked upstairs and went to bed. Even though it’s 7:30 in the morning she still went to bed. The house was empty without her dad. She was so hungry she got up and made her favorite, tacos. They remind her of her trip to Mexico. She went with her mom. She remembers trying all the different kinds of food. It was her favorite thing to do, trying all kinds of things. Then, as she was looking outside she saw someone. Then, she realized that it was her best friend, Andrew. He came inside and said that he was here to check on her. They talked about everything that happened.
He stayed over all night and said, “I’ll never leave.”
She believed him. Nothing happened the next day. No one called or came over. She was scared of who did it. Wendy didn’t know what to think anymore. Both her and Andrew went to bed, but Wendy never did. She watched Andrew sleep on the floor. He looks so calm and comfy. She wonders how he stays like that. He never freaks out. She gets up in the morning, and her eyes are bloodshot. She going into the kitchen to make breakfast then the phone rings. It was the police, and they asked her to come to the police station. She went upstairs and woke up Andrew. They went to the police station, and they were put in a room. They sat at the table and waited. A man came in and told her what happened. It was her dad that killed her mom, but he wasn’t the only one. Her mom’s ex-boyfriend helped kill her too. Wendy start to break down and cry.
They tried to get her up to go say goodbye to her dad, but she said, “No, I just want to go home.”
She got up and walked out of the police station. As soon as she was off the stairs she ran and ran. Andrew tried to run after he, but he couldn’t keep up. She ran to the lake and sat on the dock. She was there all day until Andrew finally found her. She wouldn’t get up. She sat there looking at the sunset. Her eyes were glazed. Andrew picked her up off the ground and put her in the car. They drove home, and it was silent in the car the whole time. Andrew looked at her, and she didn’t do anything. As they were driving past the police station, they were taking her dad to a different jail. She never talked to her dad again. She never said goodbye.

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  1. I really like this story because this kept me on the edge of my seat. There were a lot of excitement in this story. Really good story.


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