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April PPOW- Jed at Hobby-Con

Jed at Hobby-Con
In the year 1887, toys were alive. The creation happened from a scientist that needed help from his family. His name was Brad; owner of the world’s best Everything Store. The everything store didn’t have everything though, only random stuff he didn’t want. Most of his stuff was old science equipment. Brad had the voice of a great grandpa snail that ate nails his whole life. Brad wasn’t married, but had two boys named Jed and Marlos; that he adopted when his one true love passed away. Marlos was very careful, and loved everything to be clean. Jed wasn’t like him at all; he loved danger, and making messes was his favorite thing to do. Brad hated that they were complete opposites. He hoped that they will be the same so that he could make them into his personal slaves. And one day take over the world.
Brad always was in his underground laboratory. It had a terrible stench of sweaty dogs and honey. There was only one small window, and all you could see out were bricks. Brad would spend hours in his lair until his kids were looking for him. His kids had no idea of Brad’s real life job. Jed and Marlos were always curious about where their dad was at, but never suspected he was a mad scientist. Brad loved his job, but also loved his kids. He knew that he could not tell them about his real job, until they were ready. Jed was very curious about where his dad would go every morning and night. Brad always got the feeling his kids wanted to know the truth.
One day Jed and Marlos would find out the real truth.
On September 14, 1886, Brad was in his underground laboratory working on his invention. The invention was that toys could come to life that he would bring to Hobby-Con. Hobby-Con was a place where inventors go to show off their latest work. There was one every seven months, so Brad knew he needed to work fast.
Six months had already gone by, and Brad wasn’t close to getting done. He needed more time, and lots of help. Brad finally got the courage to tell his sons about his real job. Brad sat them down outside in the grass. He began telling them the real reason of why he adopted them. Marlos was furious, he thought his father adopted him because of love, not a personal slave. Marlos ran in the house with terror on his face; he didn’t know what to do. Jed was furious too, with Marlos; being a slave to a mad scientist sounded like the best thing in the world.
Brad then went in the house only to see Marlos’ window wide open, and no Marlos. He ran away, he’s going to ruin everything thought father. Brad went back outside to talk to Jed. Jed was so sad that Marlos ran away, but now Jed knew where his dad always went.
He then asked, “Can I see where you always go in the morning and night?”
“Well, sure you can,” Brad replied. “Maybe you can even help me on my project I’m working on.”
Jed got really happy, and had a giant smile on his face.
“Dad do you have any idea where Marlos went? He’s my best friend, and I can’t bare to live without him,” complained Jed.
“No,” Brad whined. “But I know how to find out, lets get started.”
Then Brad showed Jed his underground laboratory, and pointed out an old invention that never really worked. It was a device that you could find anybody around the world. The only catch was that you needed to hook it up to your brain, and think about that person. So Brad put it on Jed’s head and started to say, “Marlos, Marlos, Marlos, Marlos.” Until his machine started to beep in a rapid fashion.  The next 30 seconds were complete silent as they waited to hear their report. The machine said with a growly voice, “Your search was unfound.”
“Sorry bud, I don’t know what else to do now,” sighed Brad.
“Wait,” Brad said with hope, “Maybe my new invention might help.”
“What is it,” screamed Jed with even more hope.
“It’s a way to make toys come to life. I’m calling it Toynato. I was going to bring it to Hobby-Con in a month, but I’m not even close to finishing,” whimpered Brad.
“What’s ‘Hobby-Con’,” questioned Jed.
“It’s a place where inventors go every seven months and show off their latest invention,” whispered Brad.
Brad and Jed worked on his invention for three weeks. They went through 24 packs of pudding, and five giant bottles of soda each night. Jed would let his father sleep, and he worked on it alone. One day when his father woke up, Jed was testing it out on a little action figure. They waited two minutes as it happened, and when it was didn’t work. They were both devastated. Brad then sent Jed to the store for more pudding and soda. Brad kept working on it, until it worked. He tried it on an action figure, and it brought it to life. Brad was so happy he started to sing, and dance with his alive toy. It worked, it worked they said over and over again. Jed then came down, and saw that it worked.
Jed asked, “How is this going to help us find Marlos?”
“I can program them to go on a mission,” declared Brad.
“Sweet, lets do it then!” shouted Jed with way too much joy.
“Wait a moment,” Brad said. “Lets not jump into this so fast. There may be some side effects that we need to know about before we send them into the real world.”
“Okay,” wined Jed.
They tested the toy to see if it could find its way to people. It did. They tried to see if it could hunt down a mouse, but not kill it. It did. Then they tested if it could report back to them through the watch that was implanted with a microchip. It did. The toy was ready to go on a mission. Brad and Jed made five other toys come to life, so they would have a better chance finding Marlos.
One week later…
The toys came back. They told them how Marlos was fine, but won’t come home. He is living in a dumpster by the Everything Store. Brad punched himself in the face for not going there because that was one of Marlos’ favorite places ever. Jed was gone like a flash when he heard the news. Jed ran to the store and went out to the dumpster to find Marlos in the corner freezing cold.
“Marlos!” Jed screamed.
“Jed,” wisped Marlos. “Is that you?”
“Yes buddy, it is.” Jed said then paused, “Will you come back home?”
Marlos took a deep breath then swallowed, “Do you guys even want me back?”
“Of course we do!” Jed exclaimed.
“Then we shall go and get some steaming hot chocolate,” complained Marlos.
About ten minutes later, Jed and Marlos were walking through the store when their father came. Brad had never seemed more happier in his whole life. He ran over to them to give them a giant hug. Brad took them home and into his underground laboratory. He explained how the toys worked and why he needed help.
“I’m sorry boys,” Brad whined. “I never meant to hurt you, and human slaves aren’t right.”
“That’s okay,” the boys replied, “We knew you would do the right thing.”
Brad then said with joy, “Lets get to work.”
Brad, Marlos, and Jed spent five hours straight working on his invention. They tested every single toy to make sure they did what they were suppose to do. Then they put them on fake missions around the lab to make sure it had all the extra senses. They were x-ray vision, the ability to see the past, having people detectors in their hand, glow in the dark eyes, being able to grow six extra fingers to pick stuff up better, and having super speed. Brad thought that his invention was the greatest thing in the world. He was ready to take them to Hobby-Con.
At Hobby-Con…
Hobby-con was in Lubbock, Texas; right underneath Texas Tech University. It would have been about an eight hour trip, but luckily Brad had a teleportation device. It only took three minutes, but when they arrived their legs felt like jello, and they fell to the floor. Marlos was most affected by the device because he weighed the least amount.
Hobby-Con was an old abandoned dinosaur skeleton family. It use to be an old museum until the college was built, and everybody forgot about it. There were many different dinosaur skeletons with tree trunks as the floor. It always smelled like syrup because of the maple tree trunks. There were many different booths to set up your invention. Everyone could walk around and see each others. The temperature was usually slightly cold, but in winter it was freezing. Nobody knew exactly who started Hobby-Con, but all scientist loved it. They could express who they really were without trying to be hidden.
Brad set up his booth with Jed and Marlos. They put out the invention and a toy action figure. Jed made a sign out of nails and a rustic barn door saying, “Toynato.” Marlos stayed close to his dad, due to the fact that he was still scared about all this science stuff. Jed ran away in all directions, looking at others science inventions. He was so interested in one; it had the ability to give people whatever they wanted with just a snap of your fingers.
There was a judge, who walked around offering cake to everyone. He had brown hair, and brown eyes. He talked like he was only two years old and just got a new toy. He kept feeling the machines with his hands and eyes closed.
“Dad, why does he close his eyes?” Jed said astonished.
“I don’t know, maybe he has a sixth sense that runs through his fingers?” Brad questioned.
The judge finally came over and looked at Brad’s invention.
He felt it and then asked, “Would you do the honors and demonstrate your machine for me?”
“Yes, yes, yes, well sure. Why not.” Brad mumbled.
Then Jed started it up. Brad then told how the machine worked and how it is useful in life. He demonstrated using a toy soldier. In only two minutes it was alive and ready to go. Jed would say a command, such as, “Go receive a piece of vanilla cake.” Later within minutes it would bring back exactly what it was sent to do. The judge was very impressed and gave his project a nine and a half points out of ten.
The judge kept walking around until he came across a device that could give you everything. The same one that Jed was fascinated. The judge tried it out and got a giant cake. He gave him ten points out of ten. The guy won.
“I’m sorry dad, but we didn’t win,” spoke Jed.
“That’s fine, we’ll win next time,” uttered Brad. “Let’s go home.”
“We shall,” voiced Marlos and Jed.
They all went home and started working on their next machine. They knew that they would win because they believed.
“That’s it!” Brad shouted. “I know what to do next time.”

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