Friday, May 22, 2015

Fun poem


John goes to the gym
with his wife Kim.
Kim is very strong.
She lifts all day long.
They have a child;
He is very wild.
Brick is my friend;
He has a rear end.
He has no common sense;
He is very intense.
Study Hall
Study hall is dumb;
We sit there and suck on our thumb.
We are Mrs. Bladt’s little pets,
She makes a lot of threats.
We are not respected;
We are rejected.
I don’t have fun;
I want to shoot myself with a gun.
I wish we were free,
like we used to be.
The only thing cool,
is Friday fun day.
I just really love study hall.
My gun is black,
and shoots you in the back.
It shoots out fire,
and will pop your tire.
My car is red
and as comfy as a bed.
Drives from state to state
trying to find my new mate.
I drove it to the fair
to see my girlfriend Clair.
Clair liked my car;
it was the best one she had seen so far.

I like my ink blue.
It gives a really good tattoo.
Writes stuff down,
Like a noun.
One door,
Two door,
Brown door,
Black door,
Which one will you pay for?
Food is yummy,
and fills up my tummy.
Some foods taste bad,
if it's made by your deadbeat dad.
McDonald’s food is pure gold,
knocks me out cold.
The grass is tall
needs to be cut small.
The grass is pokey;
on fire it is smokey.
The wood is brown
burns to the ground.
Wood goes high into the air
climb it high to get a scare.
Don’t climb to high
you might fall and break a thigh.
Tree’s are really tall.
Some are very small.
They have bark,
and are in the park.
The floor is hard
just like my yard.
You walk on it
and sometimes even sit.
It has no brain,
so it feels no pain.
The phone is black
and fits in a sack.
Can call your mom,
or Uncle Tom.
The screen is broke,

it’s a joke.

1 comment:

  1. I really liked your poem. It was very good at sometimes, the other time, it was just very random, like the part about WOOD.


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