Friday, May 22, 2015


The little girl who Goes out In the Wild

One day there was a little girl who was walking out of her house, she was heading to the forest. When she was walking she ran in to this girl who was walking from school. She asked her if she wanted to go to the wild with her. She said sure, so they went to the wilderness. They found some sticks, dry grass, and some twigs. The two girls started a fire. They made their own weapons.
The two girls had a fantastic time while they were searching the wilderness. When they got older they had started a company about researching things about the wilderness, as they got older the more people came to apply for the job. Every one thought that it was insane that they started a company at the age that they are at. No one thought that kids could start a company with out the laws permission. Then 4 years later the girls come walking home from the wilderness and the cops came to their house asking what they were doing out so late.
The girls told the cop that they were out longer then they were suppose to be. Every one asked them if there have started they own business and they had said yes. But then every one asked them if they have gotten the laws permission to start their own business. The girls had no idea what they were talking about. The girls had called the cops on them. The cops came to their house and arrested them for it because they did not get the states permission to. The girls had to build every thing for their company.
The two girls were in prison for a long period of time. No one had the money to bail them out. The girls had their own little room but they had gotten in a fight so the cops had to separate them after a year. The girls had to tell the cops how it started. Then the two girls went to the courthouse and had to explain in what happened in the little room that the fight was in. They each got a turn to talk. The two girls were always taking turns to talk, the girls really didn’t like each other because they always gotten in fights.
When they would see each other they would make dirty looks then turn their heads. Their rooms were next to each other. The two girls would threaten each other to kill each other. A year later they finally gotten in a fist fight in front of a friends house, the friend called the cops. They went to jail about four times a year. Every one wanted to know why they kept on going to jail but no one told them. Finally when they gotten in another fight one of them had died. It was a sad day. When the little girl was in jail she had to think about why she keeps on acting like she was when she was in the fights. Her mom was disappointed in her, she got in big trouble after she came home.
The girl was lonely after she got in trouble. She was not aloud to do anything any more. She felt really bad that she killed her friend but she was doing it for fun. Her best friend had brain damage and internal bleeding. Her best friend was in the hospital for a night then her nurse came in to check on her, the nurse heard the beep and her skin was as white as a ghost. Her nurse had finally noticed that she was dead.
When her parents found out they pressed charges on the girl who asked the other girl to go the wilderness with her, who had killed her because they did not want to make consequences on her daughters death. When her best friend was in her room she wanted to commit suicide but her mother walked in her room as she was cutting her self on her arm. Her mom saw her blood run down her arm, her mom was scared that her daughter would become emo next. When her daughter came down the stairs from her room she was crying. She did not mean to scare her mom. But she was doing it for her own good.
Every night now she would make a fool of her self and run away every night to see her best friend at the cemetery. Her mom would not mind at all.
Her mom was getting to the point where she didn’t even are about her daughter, the mom wanted to make sure that her daughter was eating though. That was the only thing her mom would care about. She would not care if she was cutting out wanted to commit suicide.
Before this all happened she had a perfect friend who loved her very much. She wanted to be friends with her forever. But as soon as they got older there attitude changed a lot. They never talked to each other while they were out in the wilderness. Every one wanted to be friends with her, but as soon as they found out she was wanting to be emo and have a mother that never cared about her. She was getting tired of every one making fun of her during every class. But sometimes she would stick up for her self. But most of the time she would just ignore it.
I know she had a lot of things she liked to do said her mother. But I think it is about time to put her in foster care. She would live their better then she does her. Then her daughter heard her say that. Her mother said that in a month we will take her their.  

A month later she had hung her self in her moms door way while they were sleeping.  She was getting tired of having people call her emo at school and wanted to fight the strongest kid in school. No one cared about her in the school.

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