Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Big Game

The Big Game

The big game was tomorrow, we are all ready. It was the rivalry of AHST and Treynor. Everyone was so hyped. We were yelling in the locker room after practice.
People were saying, “Lets’ go baby!”
“We’re going to kick open a can of whoop butt.”
“Lets’ blow them out of the water.”
One boy suggested, “Let’s go to my house to party!”
A boy named Ben said, “Okay, but we can’t party to hard or we’ll not be ready for the game.”
They all went over to Jim's’ house for the party. He had pop, and water out to drink. There was music, and a personal DJ there. Jim’s mom welcomed the guest one by one.
During the party Ben got a text from his mom saying, “Ben, honey there is a murderer in Avoca, please be safe.”
Ben read it, and keep quiet not to scare the boys. Then all the sudden on the radio a warning came on.
It said, “This is a message to the people of Avoca, there was a mass shooting at the school. Eight teachers are dead. There is 23 people that helped. Please lock your doors, we are sending help.”
Jim said, “Oh my…”
All the sudden there was gunshots outside. Ben peaked threw the window.
He started to count, “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three.”
Jim schreck. “Twenty-three of what?”
Ben replied, “Twenty-three people with guns…”
Everyone started to freak out. People were saying,
“Border the windows!”
“Lets’ sneak out the back.”
“Yeah lets do that!”
“We can run to the highway.”
“Yeah, lets’ go!”
They all started to the door, they then heard knocking on the door.
Outside they could hear, “We can smell you.”
“Come out, come out wherever you are.”
“We’re coming in!”
The door broke down. They stormed inside. They saw nobody though.
One guy said, “Guys, look they went out the back!”
“Snipe them down!”
One of them pulled out a sniper, he started to shoot them down. Ben, and Jim keep running. Every time they heard the shots there hearts stop. They were eventually the last ones.
Jim said, “Ben I’m sorry, I, I, I can’t go on. “
Ben said, “No, Jim keep going.”
Jim replied, “I’m sorry ben…”
Jim fell to the ground. They had him right in the sights on the sniper.
Ben said, “Jim, come on keep going, get up.”
Jim said silently, “I can’t, run…”
Boom, Jim was shot. Ben saw the blood and started to cry. He looked right at the boys. He said, “This is for you Jim!’
He then started to charge them. The sniper keep missing. Ben pulled a knife out from his pocket.
Ben yelled, “Your butt’s are mine!
He went over to one and stabbed him. Ben saw the Treynor shirt on him.
Ben whispered, “I should’ve known, I should’ve known you would do this!”
He continued, “I should’ve killed all of you when I had the chance!’
One of the guys said, “Sorry Ben your time is up.”
He put a glock right up to his head.
Ben said, “If I’m going, you're coming with me.”
Ben stabbed him right in the chest. Blood gushed everywhere. He tried to shoot but he didn’t have the strength. Then at a split second Ben got shot. Ben fell right to the ground. He got shot right in the neck.
Ben whispered while he was dying, “Mom, dad, Sarah, Megan, Alex I love you.
Then all the other boys came and kicked him until he died.
One of the gang member said, “What have we done?”
Another one of them said, “We’re murderers. we got to run!”
To be continued.

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