Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bad Poetry

Bad Poetry
This poem is not a success,
at least I can confess,
That this is causing me stress,
Oh, this poem is not a success.
Poems are not that easy,
but some say it’s breezy.
I think it’s quite cheesy,
I think I may need to sneezy.
I am going to go take a nap,
as I put on my cap,
and I lay down with my cat, Snap.
And when I woke up, I started to rap,
Then I’m just like, what up chap!
I’m going to walk down the street with glee,
As  I said, “What up Steve?”
I am going to the store,
As I walk through the door.
I laid on the floor,
someone said, “Look at the dork!”
I think I should go by some pork,
I shall eat it with a fork.
As I am walking to the meat,
I see someone I shall greet.
His name was Pete.
He was so upbeat.
He was an athlete.
When I looked outside, it was starting to sleet,
so I ran to my car,
and I kicked a jar.
It went pass the bar,
the guy by my car wanted to spar,
so I hit him with my guitar.
I was driving, and I saw a homeless guy,
So I gave him a pie.
Then he started to fly,
As I look at the sky,
I waved goodbye.
I got back inside my car,
and did not go far.
It was getting dark,
as I passed the park,
and I saw my friend Mark.
As I got to my house, I drove into the drive,
but it was only five.
I am walking into my house,
All I see is this person calling me his spouse.
This is my house, get out of here!
I knocked him out.
I looked around to see what he did,
I was so hungry that I made the pork,
and got out my fork.
When the pork was done, I started to eat,
I couldn’t wait to feast.
And the guy called the police.
I had to go to jail,
but I paid my own bail.
I called my friend Dale.
He came and got me, but looked very pale.
When we were driving, he threw up in a pail,
and I yelled airmail!
As I jumped from the car,
I was walking on the streets all alone,
I came to a thrown,
Then I got crown,
and I was queen.
and I was a teen,
But I wasn’t very clean,
and found a cute pair of jeans.
I was a size fourteen,
some say that I was mean.
I am only sixteen,
so I put on some sunscreen,
Because I had way too much caffeine,
I had to go to the hospital.
I was not very fateful,

I died right then and there, in April!

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