Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Kidnapper

                                               The Kidnapper
All he kept saying, as the agents investigated the crime scene,
“I shouldn’t have left her alone! I knew he was after her with all those notes! How could I not know?”
 Marie then tried to console him by saying,
“There is no way that you could have known; he would came and taken her.”
He wouldn’t listen to her and kept repeating the same sentences as before. Marie then walk over to her boss, James and said,
“He won’t listen to me. He just kept repeating about how it is all his fault and how he should have been there.”
            James then replied,
“Get the team together and we need to talk this over in the office.”
            Marie then yelled,
“Team, gather all your stuff and head out!”
            The team all listened to her command and started to pack up. While Marie was headed out the door Dan, the husband of the woman kidnapped, came up to her and said,
“Promise me you will find her, please. I can’t lose her; she’s pregnant.”
            It didn’t take her long to answer,
“I will do everything in my power to find her, but I can’t promise you anything.”
            He didn’t look at her. She just walked out to find her whole team waiting for her. Her team consisted of James, Steve, Liam, Erin, Grace, and her. James was the boss, Steve was the muscle, Liam was the brain, Erin was the enforcer, Grace was the computer genius, and she handles the media problems. Even though she gets annoyed with them, this was her team.
            As they went along the road leading back to the office, Steve piped up,
“Why do you think he took her? Old lover that he didn’t get over? Just a stalker that she didn’t even know?”
            Liam added,
“I don’t think that it was an old lover because it showed a force and if she knew the person most likely she would let him…”
            Erin interrupted,
“Maybe he broke her heart and she didn’t want to let him in, but he forced her to open the door with something?”
            James then said,
“We are here. We will continue this talk when we get inside.”
            Everybody piled out of the car and walked into to the office only to be bombarded by the local new stations. They were asking questions like,
“Do you know where the kidnapper is holding Claire Johnson? Do you think you will find her before he does something to her?
            Marie then spoke,
“We aren’t allowed to talk about the case until we know for sure who we are looking for.”
            As they started to walk away more questions were asked,
“So, you don’t know who has taken her? How long until you find out? Will you find her in time?”
            They just continued to walk away and ignore the questions. When they got into the conference room and all sat down; Erin asked,
“Back to our conversation in the car. Why did the kidnapper kidnap her? Was he out for her husband or was he an old lover.”
            Liam then said,
“We need to talk to the husband because we need to know if he had any enemies that would go after his pregnant wife. Also call Grace, and get a list of business partners just incase Don doesn’t remember.”
            James then spoke,
“That will be a great idea. Marie call him now and inform him we want him in here at eight A.M. sharp.
             Marie answered with a short nod and walked out of the room to call Don. She started to talk to him and said,
“Hello, Don?”
            He replied back,
“Yes, this is he. Can I ask who is calling?”
“This Marie Jacobsen from the FBI. We would like to have a meeting with you tomorrow at eight A.M. sharp.”
“I think that I would be able to make it just let me make a few calls.”
“Okay, see you tomorrow Don.”
            She then hung up and walked back into the conference room finding the team still talking to Grace.
“How many business partners does he have?” asked Liam.
“He has over two thousand, so how can I narrow it down?” Grace replied.
            James answered,
“Is there anyone that is having a hard time keeping their company going?”
            Grace replied,
“There are five in this category any more hints to narrow it down?”
“Find the ones Don is asking or gave them a hard time to get their company.” Erin said.
“It narrowed down to two people; Greg Jensen and Danny Montana,” Grace answered.
James demanded,
“Get us the two addresses and Liam, Erin, I will go to Greg’s house. Steve and Marie go to Danny’s house.
            Everybody listened to their commands and went to the houses. They ended up finding her at Greg Jensen’s house. They took him in for questioning and he admitted that he took her because of Don and his business. What they didn’t know was Greg was sending ransom notes, but sent them to the wrong house. They didn’t get the notes because the house was abandoned.

            Claire was brought back home and eight months later gave birth to a girl. Don, Claire, and their family were never bothered again. Don never tried to take over another company after that tragic incident thankfully.  

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