Thursday, May 21, 2015


Softball is my favorite sport,
And it’s a lot of fun.
It gets really hot,
When you play in the sun.

I am a catcher,
And it gets really hot.
My legs get tired,
Because I have to squat.

When I get to bat,
I hit it to the field.
The players start to stumble,
And use their gloves as shields.

When the game is over,
The crowd cheers.
The other team looks away,
And wipes their tears.

Summer is the best,
When it’s warm.
People go to the pool,
When it’s luke warm.

The pool is fun,
In the sun.
Especially when you have,
A water gun.

Riding bikes,
Through the town.
We go through streets,
And back around.

Summer is great,
But it has to end.
The cold weather comes in,
And starts a new trend.

Family can be great,
When you are down.
They can lift you up,
Like a clown.

They can also be mean,
When you mess up.
But they’re always there,
To pick you up.

They can be stubborn,
When you are right.
Sometimes the arguments,
End in fights.

People may say,
Family is bad.
But my Family,
Is pretty great.  

Swimming can be hard,
When you compete.
But it is all worth it,
When the swimmers are beat.

Freestyle is my favorite,
When we have a race.
When I get ahead,
It’s like a chase.

Relays are fun,
When we do well.
Everybody gets up,
And yells.

Conference meets are long,
With fifteen different teams.
 Every time we win,
The crowd starts to scream.

School is horrible,
When it last eight hours.
People think it’s easy,
Like chocolate and flowers.

It can be hard,
When learning isn’t fun.
All you want to do,
Is get away and run.

Projects are fun,
When you get a group.
It usually gets done,
With a whoop.

Teachers can be okay,
As long as they don’t nag.
When you are in something,
That is a drag.

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