Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Darkness

A gun went off, disturbing the quietness of the night. Tim stood up on his porch, and
peered into the night. There was no moon, he couldn’t see a thing. He wondered who was
doing the shooting. Then all of a sudden there was a immense brightness that resembled that of the day time.  Since he couldn’t figure out who was shooting, he called the cops. About five minutes later they showed up and there was no one there nothing no trees no people no plants or animals. Just darkness this worried the cops severely. “dun dun”
Then Tim woke up in a strange place with strange beings with tubes sticking out of him.
He  felt a pain he had never felt before, he ached, and felt like his legs were being ripped off slowly. But when he look towards where his feet should be there was nothing; just darkness. then he began to smell an odor that cannot be described other than worse, than a pile of dead rotting skunks. He then slipped out of consciousness. “dun dun”
When he awoke he was in a tunnel with light at one end, and just darkness at the other end so he moved towards the light. He exited the tunnel only to find himself once again in a strange place, but unlike before this strange place had a calming effect he could see women and children with wings he then immediately realised where he was, and what was at the other end of the tunnel. He was very glad he had not gone away from the light.
The police were searching for the man that called 911 because he had heard gunshots. because there was no one where he said he was for that matter there was nothing within a one mile radius of where he said he was it was just darkness. They could not enter the darkness it as as if there was a invisible wall. The darkness was almost glowing as if it were lighting everything around it. So they called in a hazmat team to test it for radiation because no one had ever seen anything like it. When the hazmat team arrived they had radiation testers but they broke as soon as they came close to the darkness. “dun dun”
This made them think that it was emitting radiation

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  1. That was really good Wayne! You should make another when you ever get time.


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