Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Death to the Homies

My alarm clock woke me up, indicating it was time to get ready for school. I got out of bed and just threw random clothes on my bed. After an hour I was ready to go to school. I was relatively confused when I got outside because yesterday it was sunny, but now it was really foggy and eerie. I shrugged it off thinking it rained last night and I just slept through it.
              Another thing that caught my eye was there was no bus, nor car to be seen. I sat on the sidewalk to open my computer, it was the right day, there was no late start, and it was the correct time. Once I got close to the school I had only saw an estimate of ten cars and one parked bus. I got to the front entrance and my hairs stood up at the sight of nothingness. I cringed as I looked through each empty hallway until I got to the library.
              I nimbly turned around at the sight of mumbling near a bookcase. Josie, Autumn, and Madison were all lined up at the edge of death. Josie was ripped in half and violently shaking as her innards kept falling out of her. Autumn was just laying in a pool of her, and the others blood. Madison had metal rods sticking out of her head, her blood emitting from her skull is gushing from her face.
               I screamed knowing that all three of my friends are wallowing trying to survive, but knowing their death is inevitable, I ran to the front entrance. Of course, it was locked; I was just here five minutes ago. I ran to all the other exits and windows, all of them were locked or slated with cement. There was nothing else to do, but wait or go back to my dead friends and see if one of them is alive. I decided to check on my friends feeling pity, and feeling apprehensive about seeing my bloody friends again.
              When I reached the library the lights flickered, but I still kept going. When I turned the corner to see my friends there was nothing, but a mess of blood and a trail leading to the other hallway. I followed the gory trail, thinking they all crawled away, but the trail abruptly stopped in the cafeteria. The next thing I heard was a rupture above me, when I looked up I saw figure that tumbled from the ceiling. When I looked to see who it was and I perceived her instantly… it was Madie.  Madie wasn’t that bloody; the only blood I saw was blood on her leg where her bone sliced through her skin.
               As well from the broken leg, Madie’s ankle was twisted, and her fingers were distorted. I glanced at her face, which was pale and had a look of insanity preserved on it. Her eyes where bloodshot and she had a disturbing smile. I knew she was dead just by looks. This was all so traumatic, losing four friends in one day, I had nothing else to do, but weep in the gymnasium.
              I felt dolorous for what felt like an hour. I checked if the front entrance again, still wondering how it locked and why my friends were dead. I went to the bathroom to get paper towels for all the crying I did. I walked to the bathroom and opened the door. I went to get the paper towels, but something caught my eye.
              It was that the stall doors were opened slightly. I was in this nightmare for the long haul; I already knew there would be more of my friends dead behind all the stalls. I pulled the top of the stall door to reveal who it was when a bruised and bloody hand grabbed my wrist. The door kicked open, for me only to see Courtney tapped up on the side of the stall bruised, and slightly bloody. Courtney’s other hand was severed, and duct taped to her shoulder.
              My first reaction was to jump back in shock, when I did I fell and hit the ground hard. When I was on the ground I looked to my right to see blood beneath two other stalls. My legs automatically told me to get up and see whom it was. It was Charlotte; she was skinned on various limbs. She must’ve perceived I was looking at her because she mumbled something.
              The words she said were inaudible. I moved to the next stall, almost blinded by tears. It was Trinity this time; she was held to the wall by knifes puncturing her wrists and ankles. Hopefully she’ll be resurrected three days later. In the next stall was Madilyn; she was burned all over and her head was in the toilet bowl.
               I walked over and gently removed her head and set her aside carefully.  I looked in the toilet bowl to see blood and vomit. I sat down beneath the sink and cried, giving sincere condolences to my friends. The electricity then completely cut off. I shrieked and tried to get on my feet as fast as possible.

              I forgot I was sitting below a metal sink and hit my head hard, I fell to the ground knocking me out twice, one might say, and then I woke up perfectly fine in my bed. I shut my alarm clock off and got ready for school forgetting my nightmare from last night. I got dressed and walked to school. It was weird because the day before it was yesterday it was sunny, and now today it is foggy and eerie… The end

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