Friday, May 22, 2015


                                                                                                                                        Matthew Herrera
                                                                                                                                        May 7, 2015
                                                                                                                                        English 8-7

            It all started happening the fame, and everything in his life and nothing else could've been better until it happened but first let me tell you how it started. I was a senior playing football and I was good really good there was no pass I couldn't do I was top on my team starter, and top in my education.
It was the start of the season and they were doing a blitz and they corner backs were covering the wide receivers really good and I couldn't get a pass to them. The only thing I could do is tried to run but I had to wait for an opening. It was through the middle and I went for it but once I took a step it closed but there was no going back so I cut to the right side of the field and my fellow teammates were setting up amazing blocks and then I got blind sided and couldn’t get up. All I remember is the coaches carrying me out of the field.

            “Can I still play,” questioned John.
            “You can its just we think you should not,” replied the doctor.
            “Who's we and any ways I need to,” answered John
I stormed out and got in the car soon after my mother returns to make me a deal. She says if I wait a week without playing football she would let me play again and I agreed. I have been dying for the week to be over but it's still Monday. When I walk into school everyone is excited and asking me if I am okay but I ignored them and went on with my day. It killed me to know that I was missing games but it was Friday so I would be right back in no time.
Its finally that time when I get to come back and I am excited just like everyone else while we walk out of the lockers but my coach stops me and tells me that they have found another person to start instead of me. I was disappointed because I had to sit on the bench for the whole game and also we had lost because my back up threw an interception and failed to make the tackle. The crowd screams at the coach for not putting me in and I knew the coach wanted to but was holding back and I think I know why.
I get home and ask my mom if anything is new and she plays it off like she doesn't know anything but I know she is the reason coach didn't put me in but I had no proof so I went on with my day.
Its practice and I work my hardest and it feels and looks like I never got injured and everyone could see that I was doing well. I was walking out of practice and then my head started to swirl I didn't know what was happening but then it stopped and I was on the ground.
The next thing I saw was my mother running up to me but by the time she got there I was up she asked me what happened and I played it off and said my legs hurt from practice so I laid down and she bought it. That night coach called and I wanted to know why I wasn’t playing so I picked up the other phone to hear their conversation.

“I wanted to know if I can put John in tomorrow,” mumbled coach.
“No, he is dying he will get hurt and then I wont be able to spend time with him,” she cried.
“You are killing him by not letting him play,” replied coach

I hanged up the phone and went to my room to make a plan and process this in my head. The next morning there was a game and I was ready to play. I came up to coach and demanded to play and he did and I thought it would of been harder than that but it wasn’t.
I was on the field and I was doing perfect but then the world was swirling and I was struggling to stay on my feet then it stopped and I looked around and saw frank wide open and I chucked it to him and waited to see if I still had it. This was an important play because it was all tied up and this could get us to state.
Frank fumbled the ball a little but got it and ran but a defender was closing up on him and then they clashed. I ran down to see if he had made the touchdown and it was close. The whistle blew and I looked at the scoreboard to see if we had made it just like everyone else and then it went we had won the game. The crowd came rushing down the field and then they picked me up and everyone was shouting my name but I had to get home and tell my mom about it.
I was about to my house then I saw police cars around it and I got out and ran. I ran into cops and they told me I couldn't go in but I told them it was my house and they let me through but the policeman at the door informed me of what happened. I broke down in tears and just fell and stayed there until they picked me up and took me to my grandma’s house. We had the funeral and I stayed there longer than anyone else did and drove back to my grandma’s house the next day I convinced myself that I would go to state and make my mom proud.
When I got to school everyone of my friends were standing there to support me and I thanked them all. It was about lunchtime when some new kid came up to me and told me to get out of his spot but I didn’t listen to him.

“Get out of my spot before I hit you so hard your mom will feel it,” yelled the kid

I got up as fast as I could and punched him in the jaw he didn’t see it coming and then my anger took over and I was on top of him punching him. The coach came in and pulled me off of the kid and told me to go to the office. I was penalized to miss one game of state but I didn’t care.
Games passed and we were moving up and it was about the time for the championship to come and everyone was working their butt off to be perfect because they heard scouts were coming to watch. We were versing the same team that gave me my injury and I was nervous but we had to do what had to be done and that was winning. The first quarter passed and it was tied up 14 to 14. It passed quickly and without a warning it was the last quarter. The time seemed to go by quicker than usual and we had to kick off.
They had scored and we just got the ball with 40 seconds left and everyone was worried about the clock so I had to step in.

“Hey look at me not the clock we can still do this,” I yelled, “So here’s the plan.”

We hiked the ball and this would be the last play of the game they were covered and I had to run it. I went for the middle but it closed so I cut to the right of the field and then the same guy was coming but this time I didn't have the ball once they tackled me everyone stopped except for number 28 he started to run and no one was paying attention before the referee blew the whistle for a touchdown. We had to make this two-point conversion to win the game. It was a run up the middle I said hike and I was off straight to the middle but there was a wall so I had to jump.
I closed my eyes and opened them once I heard the whistle I looked at where I was and I made the touchdown we had won state. I got in my car and headed home.

“911 what's your problem,” asked the operator

“There was a crash, the person was perfectly driving and then he lost control and his car flipped,” cried the person.

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