Friday, May 22, 2015

Poetry- May PPOW

Rikki is a happy person,
Even when she’s at her worst.
She can be shy at first,
But she can be reversed.

She is very clever
And knows all about triangles being obtuse.
We play Hay Day together
And I sell her juice.

She is funny
And likes to spend money.
She is very pretty
And she likes to go to the city.

Bella is amazing
And is done with phasing.
She is attractive
And very active.

She say’s she magical
And also fantastical.
She is obsessed with ice,
And likes to eat rice.

Ashley is awesome.
She likes to watch flowers blossom
And likes to act like a possum.

I met her at a basketball game
She was wearing a One Direction t-shirt;
It was a big shame.

Lizzie is a little crazy,
But she is bright as a daisy.
She is always happy
And never crabby,
Lizzie is extremely smart
And has a big heart.

She adores cats
And loves to wear hats.
All she does is laughs
And follows the right paths.

Hailey has cute clothes;
She doesn’t like to share
Even though we’re pretty close.
Everyone loves her hair
And it’s not even fair.

Jordyn is a beast at soccer
And it’s not a shocker.
We share a locker
And she’s a talker.

Chloe is my best friend;
She will be here till the end.
We don’t see each other often,
But she’s never forgotten.

She is my twin
And likes to grin.
She’s blonde
And we have a special bond.

Ayla is very shy.
You’ll never see her cry.
She tried tipping my chair over,
But it’s okay, I forgive her.

Megan is a great singer.
We like to sing together
And make fun of each other.

She used to pull my hair out;
She’d like to hear me shout.
Trista always shoots me with her gun,
While I scream and run.

I always say I hate her,
But I really do love her.
We’ve been best friends since day one.

You could say shes sweet,
But only sometimes.
We may get into crimes,
But at least we’re having a good time.

Lauren likes to eat
And she stays petite.
She always tweets
And she stays off the streets.

Val loves yellow
And she is mellow.
She is the oldest one
And likes to have fun.

She cut my eyelashes
And I wanted to burn her to ashes.
It’s okay though
Because they grow.

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