Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Silent Forever

It's been two years since mom died. I miss her every second of everyday. I hope shes doing alright up in heaven. Andrew and I are graduated. We’ve been out of school for three months. I never feel like I’m safe anymore. I always tell Andrew that he’s the best because he’s always there. We do a lot of things together. I never go and visit my dad. He was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. I honestly think he should of been killed. I have no idea what happened to my mom’s ex. I bet he's dead. Andrew is going to college. I’m not sure what he's going for. I think he should be a doctor. He's good at doctor things. He comes home at 2:30. I wish he never has work because I get bored. I don't want to go to college because I think it’s a waste of time.
I have nothing to do, but housework. I wake up in the morning and make blueberry pancakes. My favorite pancakes in the world. I can sleep in how ever long I want, but I still get up at six. Make pancakes and clean the house. My life feels boring, but with Andrew in it, it feels better. He makes me so happy. I see Andrews car, and I surprised him with tacos. We always have tacos on Thursday because we have a chart. I never make anything else on Thursday. Andrew never reminds me of my dad, and I love that he doesn’t. We go out on Friday to a different place every time. After a while Andrew finally comes home and his taco is ready. I was walking over to get a plate and he stops me when I was picking up the taco. He walks in and hugs me. It was weird because he never does that unless something is wrong. I look at him funny. I was wondering what he was talking about, but I have no idea. I was scared to ask him what he’s talking about. I look at him and he sighs.
He said, “Haven’t you heard? Your dad is out of prison.”
Instantly my plate dropped and shattered against the floor. Glass goes everywhere.
“Why is he out of prison? He can’t! He killed my mother.”  I shouted.
I was having a mental breakdown. I fell to the floor, and Andrew pulled me up for a hug. I pushed him away and ran upstairs. I was screaming off the top of my lungs. I layed in my bed for two hours and I felt a lot better. I walked downstairs and looked at all the pictures. I was looking at them one by one. Just remembering all the memories. Thinking about all the great moments we had when we were a family. I can’t remember the last time we were a real family. I was starting to cry thinking of my little brother. He died in my arms. He got hit by a car and I held him in my arms. He wasn’t crying at all. He was holding my face.
His last words were, “Stay away from dad.”
I never listened to him at all. I feel so stupid. He told me what to do.
I walk into the kitchen and ask Andrew, “How did he get out of prison?”
“Well he didn’t really get out. He broke out and is missing.” Andrew said hesitantly.
“I can’t believe it. Is he really that stupid? He’s going to come after me. We need to leave or I’m going to die.”
Andrew’s eyes started to open wider and wider. His face was filled with horror and he looked like he was going to cry.
He said, “Don’t you touch her.”
I turned around and there he was. The big, tall, and muscular man standing there with a sledgehammer. I instantly pushed Andrew away and told him to stay back. Andrew ran in front of me and punched my dad. Probably the worst mistake he has ever made. My dad walked right up to Andrew and hit him as hard as he could.I started screaming and my dad looked at me.
He said “You’re just like your mother, always causing trouble for me.”
He hit me and dragged me outside by the hair. I wasn’t crying because it hurt. I was crying because I was scared. We went into the brick shed and he threw me into the wall. He shut the door and left. I don’t know what he did to Andrew. I was afraid he killed him, which he most likely did. I started to cry. I wanted to see him, but I never left the shed. After about an hour or so my dad walked back in. I asked what he did to Andrew. He never answered so I yelled at him. I was watching him pick up the hammer. He lifted me up by the neck and smashed my head against the wall. He dropped me and I was bleeding. He slowly lifted the hammer and I closed my eyes. At that moment I was having flashbacks to the day my brother was born. I remember the last day I saw my mom. Having a fantastic day just being with her filled my heart. I feel like my dad never wanted to be with my mom or with me. I’ve never ever wanted to live with my dad. He always hurt me and my mom. I have always been with my mom. Never with my dad.
I opened my eyes and said, “You’re right, I am like mom. I’m proud to be like her.
I was thinking how happy I was because I never said goodbye. In that moment he swung the hammer and smashed my head. The impact killed me. My dad was found and was killed. They found me and I was buried right next to my mom. Andrew was found in the bathroom alive. Andrew was the one that planned my funeral and he cried the whole time. He invited the whole family, and he visited my grave everyday. He picked out what it said on my grave. My grave said, “Goodbye.”

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