Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirt Bike

There was a boy named Ryan. He loved to go and ride dirt bike, but the first time he crashed. He was riding  a ktm 1990 125cc. He went to the supercross track when he was only 5 years old and started. He got a KTM, and he loved it. He wanted to get a Honda for his birthday, and his mom said, “Maybe.”
He dreamed about it all the time then, and when the day came that he got it, he was super excited to get to ride it.
His dad said, “Get on and start it up!” He did, and he started tearing up some dirt. He loved the dual exhaust. He went up the hill, and he was thinking in his head and wondering how much horse power this thing has.
His dad said, “800!”
Ryan said, “Wow and thank you for this awesome birthday present!”
His dad and he were riding, and Ryan gunned it and and passed his dad going 50 mph.
Ryan said, “See ya later!”
His dad has a KTM 550 with a extension on the back, so he can go up the hill faster than Ryan, but on ground he was really fast. Ryan also could race on a motocross track, and they are really hard to ride on because of the bumps. The way you have to ride;  you can also hit the high jumps and get a whip. They are just to show what you can do with your bike. Ryan was ready for the 2005 motorcross to start, so his dad got him all signed up and went to the race.
He was practicing when he saw Harold Waddell, the 8 time National Hill Climbing Champion. His bike runs on nitrogen, and they sound real mean.
“ryan would ride your bike!”
He said, “Ok, good luck Bud!”
This bike has 2500 HP, and it’s very dangerous and scary. ryan was riding with him, and ryan was just so happy to ride with someone Pro, and he told me that ryan had a good bike.
ryan  said, “Same to you dude!”
My dad saw me talking to him, and said, “Oh my, ryan  know who you are!”
My dad ran to him and asked him for his autograph, and his number. He did that so ryan can get in the hill climb next week. ryan  was really excited for it. I know that it is hard, and you need an extension on you back tire, so that you can get more tires and mud grips. ryan told his dad that ryan wanted to ride the ktm  next week.
He said, “Alright, sounds good!”
We went to the starting for the motocross, and ryan took off with a good start. ryan  took off  in fifth place  , and at the first corner he made a pass and was in 2nd place next to Ryan Villopoto. He was riding a Kawasaki that was all jacked up. He was up there a few seconds ahead of me, so he gunned it and was on him. ryan gave him an elbow, and he fell down. had taken first, and he was happy! He wasn’t! in I made up a lot of time then. he felt something behind me, and it was Ryan. He was already behind me, so he was riding more observe to the final lap. He was turning, and I gunned it. he cut him off at his turn.
his dad yelled, “Go, go, go!”
he smiled because he was getting in the groove of this. ryan was going really fast;  he went to pass me again, so he cut him off. There was 30 feet till the finish line. he was riding hard when  villopoto gave me a push, so I gunned it. I elbowed him, and he fell again. I was riding up to the finish line and was pretty happy he won because that means that  get to do more races. I get to go on in this bracket after the race. I went over to Villopoto and shook his hand.
He said, “Good race.”
I was so happy that he was not mad because we were getting pretty aggressive. We saw the monster girls, and I went to get my 1st place trophy. We got the bike in the back of the truck and on the way home I called mom. I asked her if we can order a pizza for supper. She said that we could. I went ahead and ordered it. We were 40 minutes away from home, and mom was happy for me that I won my race.
I’m so ready for the hill climb this weekend! I had school tomorrow, and I didn’t want to go, but dad said that if you get  good grades you can get a good job and get money to buy yourself the baddest bike out there. Your kids will have a bike like you, and I said, “I know.”
I walked through the door, and I saw the pizza there and took 3 pieces and went down stairs eat. I went to sleep, then woke up and got in the shower. I got ready for school, so when I was in school everybody was talking about me. They saw my race on the TV in the school because I did well. I told all my friends that I got to see Ronald Waddell. They said, No way!”
I said, “Way!”
I went to the class, and I was just think of this weekend. The day went on its 8th hour, and I’m about to go home! I see my KTM with dual exhaust fmf with a hill climbing wheel. I was happy, and we lived on a hill. I went on a ride on it, and it started and sounded really weird because he had Ronald help him. I got a nitro bike that has 2300 HP, and I’m only 14 years old.  Dad said, “Don’t be scared just ride like you would regularly.”
I was riding and popped a wheelie. I went on the hill and gunned it.  I got ruts in the mud and went up the hill in 1 second. I went back up to the house and saw dad.
I said, “This bike is awesome, and it’s really fast!”
Dad said, “One problem, you have to jump start it to start it. When you do that, it’s good until it dies or runs out of gas. I went for another ride, and I was riding up the hill. I was ready for the weekend to be here so badly. I was ready. I went to the hill and held the clutch, and let off and went fast up the hill. I went to the house to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
I went to the motocross track for a while and rode my motocross bike that was not even touched yet. The hill climb was so high that I was riding, and i hit a rock. My bike flipped over me, and the bike hit my arm. It felt like it was broken, but I got up and keep on riding. Dad saw it on the camera, and he ran outside. He saw me riding and stopped me. He asked me if I was alright.
I said, “Yes, I will be fine.”  I need to practice, so he let me go on.
Dad went back up to the house to eat supper. I went to sleep, then woke up and it was Friday, the last day of school! I was so happy that it was Friday, and I get to go to the races im going to win this race and go to the semi finales for the new 2016 ktm 450cc we have to look over my bike i said to my dad and he said ill help you put on new stickers and new grips for the throttle i went to school and when i got there i seen all my friands and they said whasts up i replied nothing thinking about the race they said you live for them races i said well there realy fun and i could make alot of money doing it and they laughed at me and said yeah your gonna make it so thats when i mad a big dissivtion and quit be in a local school and started being home schooled and my dad made a hill and a moto cross track i was have way more fun just doing work and and rideing all day is realy going to the hill climb tomoaorrw im going to bed at 8 and wake up at 630 and be there at 730 warm up for 3 hours then go up the hill i was ready had 3 5 hour energey and was ready to ride. The first race i had i had to race a yamaha yz 250 it was on the orange light i tapped my clutch and i had a good take off then i shifted into 3 gear i was half way up and i was think where is he at then i was done and he was down the hill having troubles coming up it i parked my bike and ate some deer jerky. to be continued

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