Friday, May 22, 2015

March PPOW

Damian Curry
Damian Curry was only two years old when his father left him. He lived in a shack with his mom outside of LA. He always wanted to be a basketball player. He never left his house because he was afraid he would get shot by the Bloods. One day when he got enough courage to leave his house and go to the park, he ran as fast as he could. He thought he was gonna lose his shoes; he was going so fast, but he wasn’t running fast at all. He would go to the park everyday and shoot hoops. He had no one to play.
One day a bunch of twenty year olds were about to play a pick-up game. They needed one more player. Damian was only 13 and they were 20. He was so happy though, he could finally play a game. On the first play of the game, he got the tip off. He ran down the court and beat everyone to the hoop and went for a layup, but realized when he jumped he could dunk. He flew through the air and did a 360 dunk and slammed it down. Everyone just stood there in astonishment. One dude came running up to Damian and asked him to do it again so he could record it. He did it again with the guy recording. The dude posted it on Vine and in an instant it went viral. Everyone was commenting and asking “Who is this?” After about three months of the games going on Damian decided to try and play for a local traveling team. He made it without a doubt in the coaches mind, Damian took his team all the way to the championship. They won the whole thing with Damian averaging 38 points, 13 assists, and 11 rebounds. He did the best anyone has ever done and impressed every scout in the league, but one scout really liked Damian. He asked Damian to come and practice with the Warriors. Damian was so excited. He ran back to his shack and told his mom. His mom was so happy for him. Mostly because if Damian went pro, she would have a new house. Damian got a good nights sleep and went to practice the next day.
He showed up the next day in his J’s and was ready to ball. He flew through the dribbling drills and was ready to show what he was made of in a scrimmage. He was on the B team and had to face the starters. The B team won the tip and gave it to Damian right away. He flew right past Klay Thompson and slammed it over Stephen Curry. The coaching staff just erupted and was amazed by what they saw. They eventually cooled down and got back on with the game. It was halftime and Damian already had 18 points. He went into the 3rd quarter and dominated everyone. By the end of the game Damian had scored 37 points. More than anyone in that game! The coaches agreed to let him play on the team, but he’d  have to earn his starting position. For the next six weeks Damian was in the gym everyday shooting hoops. The coaches started to realize that Damian was the only one putting time in the gym. On opening day the starting lineup was announced.
Coach Kerr said, “ Steph, point guard, Klay, Shooting Guard, Damian, Shooting Forward, David, Power Forward, Andrew, Center.
Damian was so happy that he could start in his first NBA game. Once the announcer named off all the starters, Damians mom began to cry tears of joy. She finally got her new mansion she had been dreaming of her whole life. Damian was pumped to get out there and show what he was made of. The first quarter wasn't what he was expecting. Steph was shooting everything and Damian never got the ball. When the second quarter came around Damian was feeling it. He made his first three shots and was on fire. He caught a lob from Steph that made the crowd erupt. You could hardly hear yourself think it was so loud. The Cav’s had to call a timeout to get their team back together. It was Damians time to shine on defense now. No one could stop LeBron from scoring. Damian was the last to get to guard LeBron. He completely shut him down for the rest of the game. LeBron only scored once in the fourth quarter. It was on a fast break, and Damian wasn’t guarding him. Damian finished the game with 16 points, 9 assists, and 3 rebounds. Steph was named player of the game with 38 points with a double double. Coach Kerr was very proud of how only a rookie could take control of a big game like that. It was about half way through the season when Damian got the phone call he wanted his whole life. He was being selected for the NBA all star game! He also got invited to participate in the dunk contest. Damian was thrilled to be apart of such a big thing and compete against the league's best team. He went into the dunk contest and killed the competition. His first dunk was a 360, between the legs, windmill slam for a perfect score. His second dunk, he dunked over the tallest man in the world and went between the legs and tomahawked slammed it. He got another perfect score.
Damian won the dunk contest and was pumped to play in the NBA all star game. He completely dominated the all star game and got MVP. By the end of the month, he had a smokin hot girlfriend. He bought a Bugatti and built a new house. His mom got her own special room, and she loved every second of it. She ended up becoming really sick and died later in the year, but that’s besides the fact. Damian was a stud and dominated anyone who went up against him. Damian is the perfect man, anyone in the world would want to be. He won the award for The Best Man in the world. After 19 seasons in the NBA Damian had won 7 championships and 8 MVP awards. Damian died after he was buying milk in the market and got shot up by a gang. R.I.P.

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