Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Friends bring you hope,
so you don't use that rope.
Some are short,
but their not good on the court.
Some are tall,
they are good for ball.
Some are blind,
but also kind.
Friends are fun,
like the summer sun.
Friends are like family.
Family are like friends.
I have a cat,
we dress him like a bat,
he likes to play with my hat,
he is really fat,
he likes to use the facebook chat.
The cat said, “have a nice day”,
as he walked away.
He was kicked out of the house that he would stay,
therefore he just became a stray,
they put him out there because he didn’t know how to obey.
Now he eats out of the trash,
as he’s covered in ash,
he doesn’t have any cash,
and now he is starting to get some diaper rash,
he was walking along and found a puddle and took a splash.
He was wet and cold,
the next day in enrolled,
he enrolled into a school that was made of gold,
but when he walked in the school he found potato mold.
After school was over he went home,
at his home he found foam,
and it looked like Rome,
it looked like a dome.
He went to his bed,
and he read,
it was about a person selling a sled,
she went to that person and pled,
he pled that he could have that sled,
that was red,
the man had dreads,
and he worked at Fred’s,
he had a big head,
he had a son named Ed,
his head was shaved.
He was brave,
to meet a stray cat named Steve.
When I left I took cash from them,
when I left it was 12 a.m.
he saw a random person and he yells, “ SMACK CAM!”
I am in the mood for ham,
the next thing I remember is my alarm.
So I went for a walk,
I walked all around the block,
I had a feeling that I was being stalked,
so I walked back to my house and the door was locked.
I didn’t have the key,
and I got stung by a bee,
I  didn’t have glee,
so I ran up a tree,
I got stuck `till three,
I jumped and hurt my knee,
I saw my uncle Lee.
We went for a run,
so I put my hair in a bun,
there was a guy with a gun,
I saw my first bull run,
I ate a sticky bun.
But I’m still a stray,
as the sky turned grey,
today was a good day,
I can’t wait for field day.

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