Friday, May 22, 2015

May PPOW- Rare Birds

Rare Birds
Kakapo is a rare bird;
You’ve probably never heard.
They live in New Zealand,
And have no hands.
They are almost extinct.
Not even linked to others.
Kakapo can’t fly,
Even though they may try.
There’s only 124 left,
That we know of yet.
Wild they roam,
Only have one home.
Kakapo hunt like tigers,
But never like spiders.
All of them stick together,
Also have many feathers.
They were almost wiped out
Because there was a sprout,
In mammals called feral cats.
Who were tired of rats.
They decided to hunt Kakapo,
Due to the fact that they have more food.
Kakapo are very majestic creatures,
Who deserve to be here.

Orange-Bellied Parrot
Parrots aren’t very rare,
But these ones we must share.
An Orange-Bellied Parrot
Might look like a farret.
They migrate during winter,
As fast as a sprinter.
These parrots fly all the time,
And never leave slime.
They live in Australia for part of the year,
Without any fear.
Only 150 left in existence,
And are very distance.
They meet with each other;
Mostly the mothers.
Orange-Bellied Parrots hide in the wild,
And have lots of style.
They eat lots of fruit and seeds.
Many will also eat weeds.
The oldest they get is around four years old,
And are not told.
Many people don’t understand
That they don’t have a native land.
Orange-Bellied Parrots move all around,
Not even with one frown.
They need to be here
Because it’s not right for them to disappear.

Forest Owlet
Forest Owlets are critically endangered,
And are quite strangers.
Everyone doesn’t know,
That we, the humans, cut down their home.
All of them have to find another,
To help each other.
It’s not right what we do,
Cause we don’t know what they’ve been through.
Forest Owlets always lose the one,
That makes them feel like they can run.
They live in India,
Never found in Libya.
They have, but one native home,
That keeps getting smaller as humans grow.
Now non-profit organizations are around,
To help keep them bound.
Nobody really knew about Forest Owlets
Because they’re not a pet.
They are only found in the wild,
And not in a pile.
All of them have really flat faces,
And are not found in many places.
Forest Owlets are really unique,
And do not need to shrink.

Rare Birds
Now you have learned about three rare birds,
With many words.
Never forget about them,
They can be referred to as rare gems.
How would you like to be a bird,
You couldn’t really say any words.
You can’t tell people to stop,
When they go out and chop.
All of them are super tough,
Even those that have lots of fluff.
Kakapo, Orange-Bellied Parrots, and Forest Owlets,
Will have no regrets.
Human’s will though,
And they may blow.
Remember all these birds as fearless,
The tougher they are;

The better for the future.


  1. I liked your PPOW. It had a lot of kind of birds in it.

  2. I really liked this PPOW Lizzie because it had a lot of information in it and you still made it interesting. I liked how you talked about rare birds and made it fun to read about.


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