Friday, May 22, 2015

April PPOW

Man on an adventure
        There once was an old man who had done nothing his whole life; he was homeless and in and out of jobs. He was watching the local TV one day, and he saw an advertisement. The advertisement stated: If one man set out, and circled the world three times they were rewarded a fortune.
        The man set out the next day. He started his trip in Montana where he met a friend and asked to borrow a car, and other materials needed for the trip. When he finally got the car he promised to pay back his friend and headed to New York. There he met a woman. This woman was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. He was nervous at first and wouldn’t approach her. When he did, he was shy and she could barely hear him.
        He said, “Hey.”
        She replied, “Hello, who are you?”
Nervously he answered, “My name is Kevin.”
She blushed and said, “My name is Eva.”
After they met, Kevin asked Eva if he could take her out to coffee. She offered a place and time. Kevin went to find a job and a place to stay for the night. The next day Kevin met Eva at the coffee shop. They talked about what was happening and what they were up to. When Kevin talked about his current journey; Eva got wide eyed, and was paying loads of attention.
Eva said, “I have always wanted to travel the world.”
Kevin replied, “I would be overjoyed if you would come with me on my trip.”
Eva was happy and was anxious. She said she would pack all of her things as soon as possible. Kevin was happy also, that night he filled his car with gas and fell asleep waiting for the next day.
Next day came and Kevin came to pick up Eva. It was a cool summer day with a light breeze. Kevin stopped by the sidewalk and got out. He hurried to Eva and offered to carry her things to the car. When he was finished; Eva had a look on her face.
Kevin asked, “What is wrong?”
Eva replied, “This is all you have?”
Kevin sighed and said, “I have been homeless for quite some time and am currently getting back on my feet. I have a job I have a car and some money.”
Eva understood and said, “We better get moving then”
Kevin opened the door to his vehicle for Eva to get in. Eva paused and then got in. The headed for the port in Massachusetts; there they found a young sailor who would help them on their journey. His name was Tom. They started on their way to London. It was a long but joyful trip for Kevin and Eva. Kevin got a haircut and tried on new clothes that Evan had bought him before they left. They fit perfectly, and Kevin loved them.
Soon they arrived in London, where they got a rental car and some food. They also went to the London Eye. Eva was scared at first, but felt comfortable with Kevin.
        Afterward, Kevin drove to Paris to see the Eifel Tower. Eva had always wanted to see it.
        Eva gazed in awe, “Wow, This is beautiful”
        Kevin smiled and replied, “Yes, yes it is.”
        Eva asked Kevin to see Rome and the Coliseum. Kevin bought fuel and headed to Rome. There, it was very nice and Eva was fascinated. She tugged and pulled Kevin to different areas of Rome. They had a wonderful diner and found a nice place to stay for the two of them. Eva let Kevin go to the local pub and have fun.
        The next day they went to India to see the large castles and palaces. There, Kevin bought a necklace for Eva. Eva’s favorite color was red, so Kevin bought her a gold plated necklace with red rubies in it. At first, she did not accept the necklace. Finally, Kevin gets her to accept the gift, and they continued their trip. They went to Beijing, China. Eva got tired of the noodles and rice. Kevin got angry arguing with the Chinese people.
Kevin decided that this place was not for them. They continued their trip to Tokyo. Kevin liked this place and so did Eva. There were a lot of pretty lights and lots of cars. Kevin met someone who used to racecars and wondered if someone would drive his cars. Kevin took the job and made some major dough. He earned millions within a few weeks.
Eva asked Kevin, “How do you know how to do all of this?”
Kevin answered, “I used to race in Nascar and rally car races.”
Eva was very surprised and didn’t know how to feel about this.
That night Kevin got into a race that was tough and Kevin did not know the track. On one of the turns Kevin was riding the outside shoulder. And The other racer slammed the front end of Kevin’s car. Kevin’s car went off the road and down the side of a cliff. Luckily Kevin was seriously injured, and was sent to the hospital. He was sent into surgery for many hours.
Eva had to wait outside and was not told anything till the next day. The next day the doctor came out with his head facing the ground. There was a woman standing next to him; she had tears in her eyes.
Eva began to cry, she knew what this meant. Kevin had not made it through surgery; he died. The doctors told her what happened. She was very sad; she had lost her best friend. Kevin had left Eva a note if something ever went wrong. It read: If anything should happen to me, I was planning on making it around the world with you. When we would get back to your hometown, I was going to propose to you, I bought the Ring in England.
The ring was in an envelope lying by the paper.

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