Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I smile as I pass by.
But inside,
I die.
I dont talk much,
but in my mind,
I cry.
I tell myself,
“Dont show it
On the outside.”
I try not
To be shy.
I have millions of,
Words to
Like the fourth of
But I lock it all up
On the inside.
I can only speak
With my eyes.
Dont ask me
Cause I dont know
I gaze into the dark,
Beautiful sky.
Then I gently whisper,
As I fly away,
From this
Lied fulfilled
Where’s the book
That guides
You through life?
Too late now,
Cause i’m not
Besides its
Already difficult
To survive.
In a unhappy universe,
That strives
For a jubilant
It’s like earth,
Is just a duplicate,
Of Lucifer;
Better suture,
Your soul.
Because Satan has a dream,
Just like Martin Luther.
I slay these demons
With my crucifer.
Then I bomb everything,
With a Nuclear
They explode like Left 4 Dead,
Taha, I'm a loser.
It isn't hard to tell,
I came here to raise hell,
And I don’t need anyones help.
Sometimes I get visions that,
I’ll buy a shotgun,
And some shells.
Put it in my mouth,
Yell “Farewell.”
Then let it propel,
Through my bone cell.
I’m only waiting,
For the school bell.
I really doubted myself,
I never thought I could,
Rhyme so swell.
Come a little closer,
So I can,
Push you down a well.
You frown as you fell,
My consequence is that,
I end up in jail,
Lucky for me, I escape,

A.K.A bail.

1 comment:

  1. I thought this was splendid and slightly depressing, it makes me worry. My favorite part was that you mentioned "Left 4 Dead."


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