Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Case in Bailey, Texas

The Case in Bailey, Texas
            My name is Jackie Jones and I work for the FBI. Today, we got a call about an urgent case in Bailey, Texas. There has been serial killer taking all kinds of people and killing them, and after that he chop off the head and sticks it on a post or anything he can put it on. We haven’t had anything like this in a while. We are heading to our private jet now.
At the Bailey Police Station.
            We walked into the Bailey Police Station and a guy greeted us in a serious tone,
“Thank you so much for coming. We haven’t had something like this before.” James replied,
“This is what we do. Now let me introduce the team, this is Agent Hunter, Agent Smith, Agent Harper, and Agent Jones.” Let me tell you a little about my team. Agent Hunter or Mason is the muscle and Agent Smith or Jamie is the person that gets information, books the plane, and tells us when we have a case. Agent Harper or John is the brain and could tell you how many people live in the smallest town in North America off of the top of his head. There is also James, who is leader of our team and Grace, who is our tech person and can find anything.
Back to what happen at the police station. We were put in a conference room and given the files from the crime scene. As we were looking at them Jason asked,
“How did he get from one side of the town to the other in ten minutes?” John replied,
“There is no way he could have gotten from one side to the other, it would take at least twenty minutes when you were going 80 through town.” Jamie said,
“What if he had a partner or forced somebody to do it. Maybe had some leverage over someone.” James then said,
“That’s a good start. Lets go to the crime scene and see what we can find.” Everybody headed out of the room and made their way to our car.
Crime Scene
When we got to the crime scene, it was clean. There were hardly any tracks or evidence. Mason asked,
“How did he get out of here without any tracks? It rained yesterday morning. It was still wet when he brought it.” John then said,
“What if he is a local and knows every road in this town and knew where he could park and nobody would know?” James answered,
“That’s all good information. Let’s head back to the station and talk to the Deloris, the medical examiner” Everybody packed into the car and we drove off to the station. When they got back to the station, the atmosphere was weird. It was like they wanted to tell us something, but if they did they would get in trouble. I said,
“Does anyone notice that it looks like they want to tell us something, but they can’t?” John answered,
“I was thinking the same thing. They seem very timid around us. Maybe they know who killed the people, but it is someone dear to them and they threatened the who force?” Mason said,
“It was have to be someone very high up to be able to threaten the whole force.”
Two Days Later…
We have investigated many people since then, but they haven’t been the killer. We still have the weird atmosphere here in the station. I have suspicions that it might be the chief, Hunter Daniels. He has been fine, but when the cops are around them, they seem to watch what they say. We talked about investigating all the cops alone to see if we can get anything out of them. We are in the conference room with Sandy Johnson. Mason said to Sandy,
“Have you been noticing the weird atmosphere around here?” Sandy replied,
“I don’t think anything is weird.” I replied,
“I can tell you’re keeping something and you want to tell us. What is it? Why can’t you tell us? Does it have to do with your Chief, Daniels?” We kept asking her for forty-five minutes before she finally said,
“It was Daniels, that has been killing the people. One of the deputies found out and tried to confront him, but he said if he told anyone that he would be killed. He told us all that’s why his head was on the post because he told us the information. He didn’t want you guys to come. The city mayor, Jason Jensen, made him call you guys.”
Hunter Daniels was arrested after Sandy told us about him. We also found people he was holding captive in his back shed. Sandy was later promoted to Chief. They reason Daniels was killing them was he has killed his wife, Janet Daniels, and the people he killed knew he was the one who killed his wife. He killed his wife because she was cheating on him with his first victim, Hayden Nelsen.
We headed home after we had put Daniels away and thanked Sandy for telling us because we probably would have never gotten him without her help. Now all we do is wait for the next case.





  1. Good job, Emma! I really like your PPOW. You really described the case very well. This case was very.. interesting.

  2. Good job Emma. I really like this PPOW. The thing that I liked in this PPOW is the way you described the crime.


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